The turret milling machines, also known as the universal rocker arm milling machine, is a lightweight general-purpose metal cutting machine tool. Among them, the vertical turret milling machine is widely used, with its small size, compact structure, and high flexibility. There are several types of vertical turret milling machines, such as M3, M4, M5, and M6. Suzhou Tailand Import and Export Co., Ltd. can produces vertical turret milling machines all year round. They have their own factory, mainly supplying several types of turret milling machines, such as 3HG, 4HG, 5HG, and 6HG. How to distinguish 3HG, 4HG, 5HG, and 6HG turret milling machines?

There is no obvious difference between 3HG and 4HG turret milling machines. From the perspective of shape and size, they are almost the same. The motor power is also the same, which is difficult to distinguish, but it can be distinguished from the Y-axis guide rail form. 3HG is a triangular guide rail, and 4HG is a rectangular guide rail;

5HG and 6HG are easily distinguished from 3HG and 4HG,because they are much larger in size than 3HG and 4HG, so they can be distinguished at a glance; The motor models used by 5HG and 6HG are the same, and the size is very similar. Although the actual size of 6HG is somewhat larger than that of 5HG, the difference is not obvious from the naked eye. How to distinguish between 5HG and 6HG turret milling machines? First of all, we can look at the spindle model. Same as 3HG and 4HG, 5HG is usually equipped with an R8 or NT30 spindle, while 6HG is equipped with an NT40 spindle, and the Z-axis of 6HG is equipped with an electric lifting function. From these two points, we can distinguish between 5HG and 6HG turret milling machines.

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