Coil materials refer to long-sized continuous materials such as paper, film, sheet, non-woven fabric, metal foil, silk, thread, etc. In the process of uncoiling, technological processing, winding, etc, deviation of the coil materials may occur, due to the deviation of the coil itself or the processing machine. The W500 all-in-one web guiding system provides a solution to reduce the occurrence of such situations. The system always tracks the position of the coil material during the production and makes corrections in real-time.

W500 all-in-one web guiding system

Working Principle Of W500 All-in-one Web Guiding System

The web guiding system is a closed-loop controller. First, the sensor detects the edge or line of the coil, and the system automatically reads the deviation of the actual position and setting the position of the coil and converts the offset into an electrical signal. They send the signal to the controller. After that the signal is calibrated by the controller, it is outputted to the linear driver. The linear driver drives the deviation correction according to the magnitude of the signal. Then the guide mechanism adjusts the coil to the set position. The drive signal of the current drive is only proportional to the deviation of the coil, which makes it possible to provide precise control for various coils.

work principle of web guiding system

Features Of W500 All-in-one Web Guiding System

1. Support three working methods of line tracking, edge tracking, centering tracking, etc

2. Support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor, CCD sensor.

3. Automatic detection of sensor parameters, no need to calibrate the sensor in most environments.

4. Automatic stroke measurement without mechanical limit switch.

5. Ultra-high-speed response with 500 microseconds (0.5 milliseconds)

6. The DC servo motor drives the ball screw

7. Support Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English

8. The humanized operation, quick and easy working