Today’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Direct added pretty a bit of information to the world for the upcoming Nintendo Animal Crossing Items Switch game. While the Direct protected the whole lot we already realize, it additionally knowledgeable us of some capabilities we were nevertheless within the dark approximately. One of the most important features changed into the Island Designer, as well as the potential to apply ramps, stairs, and bridges.

In past Animal Crossing games, gamers have truely had to make do with the terrain supplied to them with the aid of their newfound home. In New Horizons, though, you can alternate the way you and your residents navigate the arena through constructing up various stairs, ramps, and even bridges across gaps which you want to pass. This gives you extra options for purchasing around than the fundamental set up and permits you to make your island paths look even greater appealing to visitors.

You’ll additionally locate that the Island Designer feature virtually lets you customise your island to a new extent now not seen in preceding Animal Crossing video games. With the designer you can change up cliffsides, add new floor blocks to waterways, and even construct new paths for your citizens to utilize. It’s a complete suite of equipment with one intention in thoughtsAnimal Crossing Items for Sale —to help you build up your island even more.