In the brand new series of RL Items songs / Player Anthems, "Behind the Scenes – Linda Perry", takes a number of songs by using iconic girl musicians and chucks them into Rocket League. The selection is quite extraordinary, especially with the inclusion of four Non Blondes' "What's Up" (what a forking banger!), with all Player Anthems to be had without cost thru to the cease of the month.

In addition to the choice of first-rate tunes, correct ol' Athena may be joined by way of none-apart from Linda Perry (lead singer of 4 Non Blondes and the writer of "What's Up") for an Instagram Live occasion. We're now not sure what to anticipate, seeing because the IG Live become postponed from its original date of March 11 and hasn't yet acquired a rescheduled date.

What we are able to assume, though, is Rocket League Items Shop  natural remarkable. After all, Athena turned into our Player of the Month for August 2021, and Linda Perry is a super songwriter, so this can be a few top-class amusement! Here's an excerpt from Psyonix's press launch: