Fennec is more harking back to Rocket League Credits Dominus or Merc - it's a bit chunkier and extra compact than the Hot Wheels-like Octane. It has greater strength because of that – at least it feels that manner. As I stated, technically the automobiles are identical... But it is not all about the vibes and feels, isn't it? And for plenty gamers, the Fennec feels better, because the hitbox is stated to match the more compact design better. The specialists at Dignitas summed up the "better feel" of the Fennec as follows:

Additional to new Away Kits for all of the authentic cars that had been given Home Decals back in October,  new teams had been delivered to the choice of Esports Decals inside the Item Shop. These two teams – Complexity and Misfits Gaming – now have each Home and Away Kits, with some remarkable information to show off in your friends and fellow Rocketeers!

The Away Decals are to be had in Rocket League from 4PM PST/12AM UTC on January 25/26. This way that they're pretty probably to Buy Rocket League Credits be available by the point which you are analyzing this text. There are some extraordinary ones to be had in RLCS 2021-22, which include each the Home and the Away variants. Honestly, Psyonix have in reality outdone themselves this time round. Giving the Teams the potential to design their personal decals changed into simply genius, and yielded a few sincerely great outcomes! Seriously! Check them out!