With a new game from EA Sports on the way, more and more players are wondering if FIFA 23 is cross-play. Much like previous FIFA iterations, FIFA 23 will also be available across multiple platforms. However, different versions of the game are released on different platforms. By the way, UTnice.com will help players easily get FUT 23 Coins for a bigger advantage.

As we all know, the next generation copy of FIFA 23 will also have HyperMotion2 technology. But HyperMotion2 is only available on PS5 and XBOX Series S|X, it won't be available on previous generation consoles, Nintendo Switch or PC. The Ultimate Team Marketplace will also be shared for the first time. In previous years, the Ultimate Team marketplace was unique to whatever console the FIFA 23 Coins player was playing on.

Therefore, players can only buy cards from this marketplace if they are on a PS4. On FIFA 23, players will share the marketplace with players on the same generation of consoles as players, so Xbox Series S|X players will trade with PS5 players. The PC and Nintendo Switch markets will remain completely separate.

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Whether playing on PlayStation or Xbox, players can play with each other. This will work much like the updated Ultimate Team Market, where players will only be able to play with players who are using the same version of the FIFA Coins game. Crossplay will be available in all game modes, but Pro Clubs will be the only online mode without crossplay.

Since Pro Clubs is a popular FIFA game mode, players can play individual roles in teams with friends. Therefore, many players are dissatisfied with this move by EA. However, EA said they hope to add cross-play to Pro Clubs at a later date. Buying FUT 23 Coins from UTnice.com for long-term support is very necessary if players want to perform better in the game.