Because purple is so delicate, small stature, long curly hair, huge beautiful eyes, skin without makeup is really flawless, plus the peach dress she wears on her body, you will think you have met a cartoon character when you walk across. No wonder that kid always bragged about her beauty. She frowned and looked at Chien Hsiao-ya for a moment. "Who are you?" She asked, showing her white shellfish teeth. Jane Xiaoya is speechless. Xia Shi closed the door and came over. He put his arms around Zi's neck and said, "It's none of your business. You'd better hurry home." "Why?"? I came to this place on purpose. She took a critical look at the apartment, which had been messed up by the summer time,30ml dropper bottle, and then said, "Visiting you." "You see it now?" Xia Shi spread out his hands and didn't care that his shirt was half unbuttoned. Don't do that. Purple rape smiled and hugged his arm, as if Jane Xiaoya was sitting there as a transparent person, dragging Xia Shi upstairs to the bedroom: "We really have a long time,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, a long time.." Very unceremoniously pulls back own hand, the summer time smiles: "I am sorry today I am not in the mood, you may not enter my room." Purple doesn't care to curl her lips: "Forget it, I live in another room." "That's not yours." Xia Shi said again. As soon as Zi was about to raise her voice, Chien Hsiao-ya laboriously lit a cigarette behind them and said with a smile, "Just live here. Anyway, all my things are put away. I'll sleep on the sofa today." Then she frowned and took a puff of smoke and exhaled slowly. Unexpectedly, Violet immediately ignored Xia Shi and sat beside her and said, Glass Cream Jars ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, "You are so cool. What's your name?" "Aha." Chien Hsiao-ya-gan smiled, pushed her away and fell on the sofa and said, "Xia Shi, take your wife away. I don't want to haggle with you about anything else." Then she seemed to faint and never moved again. Having not yet experienced this feeling, Chien Hsiao-ya almost felt dead when she woke up again. My whole body is aching and spinning. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and it still seems very vague. A beautiful voice sounded around her: "Are you feeling better?" He blinked his eyes slowly and saw the handsome face of Xia Shi. Chien Hsiao-ya breathed a few times before she realized that she was lying in the summer room. She's gone? Chien Hsiao-ya asked softly, frowning and looking sideways to sleep. No Instead, Xia Shi pulled her up and smiled. "You must get up and eat something." Sitting there without any strength, Jane Xiaoya shook her long hair irritably and laughed: "Next time you should send me to the hospital in this situation." "And let them find out you've been injured by some kind of radioactive substance?" Xia Shi asked in reply. It's all your broken magic stones. Chien Hsiao-ya scolded. I've already warned you. Xia Shi is very aggrieved. You said.. Before she had finished speaking, a beautiful figure appeared at the door and said with a smile, "Here comes the nutritious meal." It was Violet who changed into human clothes and held a large tray. Chien Hsiao-ya gaped as she put a bunch of strange things on her lap and smiled feebly. Xia Shi and Zi looked at her expectantly. Chien Hsiao-ya suddenly felt that her disaster had been squared. It was not easy to get out of bed and go to the living room. Jane Xiaoya frowned and looked around. There was no change except that the sofa was replaced by a bigger one and there were still a few sheets. You sleep here? She sat in a chair and slowly combed her hair into a ponytail. Uh Xia Shi smiled and pointed to Zi, who was always happy in the kitchen, and said, "Wait until she leaves." "I'm not fit to live here. I'll move out tomorrow." Chien Hsiao-ya didn't look him in the eye. No way Xia Shi immediately objected. I'll continue to work for you. Don't worry, I can't run away anyway. Jane Xiaoya smiled faintly. Xia Shi was stupefied and whispered, "It's not because of that." Jane Xiaoya made a casual expression, leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes, and reached out to open her voice mail. In addition to some business affairs, there is also a message from Lin Lin. Lesser, I don't know what happened. How are you these days? When I went to your home, Xia Shi said that you were sick and hoped to recover soon. I called to tell you that I had resigned and was going to the south to find a new job. Maybe you were right. I should choose to forget, and I hope I can have your courage to face life.. That's it. I'll get in touch with you when I settle down. I wish you and Xia Shi happiness. He's really good to you. Beep, end. Chien Hsiao-ya looked at Violet standing at the kitchen door and couldn't think of anything to say. She had been thrown into confusion by what was coming. Xia Shi just stood by in silence. Finally, Chien Hsiao-ya stood up and smiled awkwardly. "She made a mistake. Don't care." Then he got up and went out with his coat and the luggage he had packed. The streets are still bustling with people coming and going,oil dropper bottle, and it seems that one's own joys and sorrows can easily be swept away. Chien Hsiao-ya walked on the sidewalk in a daze and finally couldn't help looking back. But no one followed him like a child. Dark surge, is the temptation, is beautiful. It is also an undoubted disaster. Song recommendation </FO. href=""