He laughed and looked disdainful with his arms in his arms. "Come on, don't pretend. Who doesn't know you in the mountains?"? He learned from the elders of the clan and did not blush when he lied. Ji Thief Usma: ".." "No, thief," said Li Ya. "I'll go north with you, too." Ji Thief sighed, "How can I do this? The plan is all assigned. You, along with Yi and Usma, will take the brigade to the Lihuo Valley." "As soon as Ah Jie ran away, there was no one in the Valley of Li Volcano at all." "What if Ah Jiu doesn't run away?"? Then you have room to play. "How can you not run?" "Maybe Ah Jiu's brain is burned out?"? You can rest assured that whatever you do in Lihuo Valley, I will not care about you, because you four are the commander in chief of Lihuo Valley this time. Li Ya was reluctant, but Wei Duo couldn't bear it any more. She advised her sister, "Li Ya, just listen to the thief." Bai Lian also thanked Ji for taking care of her daughter. With a straight face, she said, "Li Ya, what did you say when you came from Tianchan Plain?" Liya opened her mouth, then shrugged her shoulders and drooped her head. "Well, I'll listen to you." Ji Thief smiled with satisfaction: "Oh, that's right." As he spoke, he saw Li Ya suddenly look up and startled herself: "What are you doing?" Seeing this, Ji couldn't help stammering. Li Ya snorted, "What for?"? I tell you, I can go to Lihuo Valley this time, but I want to take the women with me. "What are you taking them for?" "You don't care about me. That's what you said just now. I can do whatever I want." Ji thief has no way, can only compromise: "Well,glass cream jars, well, as you like, as you like." Liya sniffed and said, "That's more like it." After a brief discussion about the battle plan, Ji Thief waved his hand and said, "Let's go now and take our places." Usma was a little coy: "Now, I just came back, and I haven't talked to Ah Yin yet." "Come on, day by day, you have a wife,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, don't you?"? Look at Oga. Look at Ah Wei. Who is like you? Usma spat and pointed at Ji Thief. "The patriarch, you have the nerve to say something about me. You have four people. Do you have the nerve to say something about me?" The words fell, Snow, Witch, Vito, and Riya blushed at that time. Blushing at the same time, four people are different mentality. Snow was completely blushing because she was called Ji Thief's daughter-in-law by Usma, and she didn't listen to the latter sentence at all. The witch was thinking that in the eyes of Usma, she was already the woman of the thief. Weiduo face more red, the heart said I have covered up so well, this all let see? This middle-aged man named Usma's eyes are too poisonous. Li Ya is much simpler, all over the face flushed she turned to look around, but also directly to the heart to say: "Four?"? Where? Where? The scene was awkward. Ji thief is old blush more: "You this bastard, talk nonsense again I buckle your pay." Usma doesn't care. "Whatever. Anyway, my wages have already been deducted. Ah Yin supports me all the time.". I'm not saying that's all you can do, Patriarch. Ji Thief: ".." "Then I'll let Xue take Ah Yin away and hide her. I'm worried to death!" With a splash, Usma knelt down directly: "My Lord, I was wrong." A group of people looked at Ji Thief and Usma, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, who were playing stooges, and the corners of their mouths kept twitching. Ji Thief waved his hand and said, "Well, don't be stupefied. Hurry up, get your hands together and get ready to gogo!". " Earth hill feels puzzled ask Ji thief: "Dog?"? Patriarch, are you talking about the dozens of wolf cubs? Why, do you want to take them with you in this operation? The words of the earth mountain fell, and the thief was speechless. I'm wrong, okay, sir? This day after day, it is not worry-free, is it? Hurry up and move. "Oh, oh." In the sound of a promise, the crowd quickly moved up. An hour later, the three teams, led by Ji Thief, Beast Blood, and Yi, were heading east, south, and north. "You don't have to go so early," said Ji Chongyi and Usma before they left. "It's not too late to go tomorrow morning after a night's rest." When Usma, who was already dressed, heard this, she muttered, "The patriarch, if you had told me earlier, I would not have changed my clothes. It's really troublesome." Ji Thief: "Oh, you are really floating." "All right, stop talking and let's go." "Ji Thief said, carrying a flag gun, set up a golden eagle to get on the blade tooth tiger." Warrior. Snow gave a cry. Ji turned around. "What's the matter, sister?" Snow shook his head: "Nothing, warrior you have to be careful ah." "Don't worry. In this world, the person who can make me fall twice in a row hasn't been born yet. Sister, you should take good care of the house and wait for me to come back." The fat elder who was standing with the witch rubbed his shoulder against the witch. The latter was stunned and looked back at the fat elder with a puzzled expression on his face. The fat elder opened his mouth slightly and said softly, "Go, go and say goodbye." The witch pulled the corners of her mouth. "No, it's not very good. Don't go. There are so many people here." Seeing this, the fat elder shook his head and stamped his feet, saying that he was really worried to death. If you don't go up to say goodbye, how can you let everyone know that you are a warrior woman like snow. No matter how anxious the fat elder was, the witch did not move like a puppet. In the past, she had always been straightforward and bold, but in recent days, she was as shy as if she had exchanged her soul with the snow, and did not dare to look directly at the thief. The fat elder is also worried about breaking his heart. Ji thief on the blade tooth tiger, carrying a flag gun, beside the body, is the earth mountain a cow around the guard, Oga led the only twenty-six cavalry of the hussars department lined up on one side, behind, is three hundred on the clansmen. Before setting out, Ji Thief raised the flag gun in his hand and shouted, "In this battle, I will not stop until I kill Ah Jie!" A crowd of people all shouted, "I will not stop until I kill Ah Jie!" Words fall, Ji thief laughed,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, vertical tiger looking north like flying. Earth mountain and others with the team hurriedly follow. Beast blood, nine of them, went to the south. penghuangbottle.com