Everyone thinks that the emotional drama is slow. In fact, the emotional drama of the disaster princess is more delicate, and the fluctuation after the poison is a little bigger. The spoon itself in the disaster imperial concubine is nothing, let him when the emperor also does not want to be, earns the silver also casually, meets the sentiment time to be able to be quite pure. Little Hou Ye is a too many people, want to do a lot of things, so feelings only account for a small part, it is more difficult to tame him. Moreover, the empress and the little Marquis are now in the stage of frenemies and friends, and they are still testing each other. The little Marquis will brush his good feelings after determining the United front. In a word, the spoon is a warm man in the iceberg, and the little marquise is a bad man (^) Chapter one hundred and ten subdue Pei Lang. There are thousands of people in the world, thousands of industries, and individuals have their own ways of living. For me, I don't think brothel women are inferior to others, but the world's eyes are like this. Shen Miao said, "Just like my bodyguard Mo, he is also a slave, but no one will look down on him.". My personal servant girls,Narrow aisle rack, some people even envy them. The world is like this, people are divided into three or six or nine grades, who does not want to be a superior person, who wants to be stabbed in the spine every day? "You!" What fireflies hate most is that someone takes her family background as an example, and Wen Yan is even more angry. "You might as well think about it," said Shen Miao. "Since the girl looks down on people who have fallen into prostitution, why should she say such a thing to me?" The fireflies laughed instead of being angry. I look down on people who are willing to fall into prostitution. Shen Miao stood up and said, "In a few days,Cantilever Storage rack, Mo's bodyguard will come again. Miss Liu Ying doesn't have to answer me in a hurry.". However There is no good ending for serving people with color. Shen Miaochong Mo Qing made a wink, Mo Qing hurriedly took out an ingot of silver and put it in front of the table. The firefly glanced at him with some anger on his face. Mo Qing is also very embarrassed, Shen Miao does not intend to stay long, nodded to fireflies and got up and left. I don't know what the fireflies look like behind me. After leaving the Baoxiang Building, the Awakening of Insects said indignantly, "Aunt.." The young master wanted to redeem her with good intentions, but he didn't want her to be so ungrateful. Good intentions are not rewarded. Mo Qing wanted to say something, but finally he endured it. Gu Yu asked, "Girl, are we going back now?" Shen Miao did not answer, but stood still. Guyu was a little surprised to see what Shen Miao seemed to be looking at. Following her eyes, she saw that the place she was looking at was the corner across the street, where a man in Tsing Yi was standing, looking at the small building of Baoxiang Building. Before Guyu could open his mouth, Warehouse storage racks ,Pallet rack upright, he saw Shen Miao lift his feet and walk to the other end. Under the eaves, the man in Tsing Yi stood upright, staring at the direction of the firefly, so absorbed that he didn't even know when someone was coming. Until a light cough interrupted his train of thought, I do not know when to see four people standing in front of him, led by a young man dressed in a white gown, born with delicate eyebrows and eyes, carved jade, I do not know which little childe. He looked at him now with a faint smile on his lips. Pei Lang was stunned, only to feel that the young man was familiar. The young man nodded at him: "Mr. Pei." "Shen Miao!" Pei Lang's eyes widened slightly. He looked at Shen Miao's followers and bodyguards behind him, then looked at Shen Miao again. He was probably a little shocked and said, "You.." Why are you dressed like this? It is not uncommon for a woman to disguise herself as a man. In Mingqi, many young ladies occasionally wear men's clothes when they go out for the convenience of doing things. It is also very beautiful to dress up. But Shen Miao. Pei Lang looked at the young man in front of him and didn't know what to say for a moment. I just came out of the Baoxiang Building. Shen Miaodao. Pei Lang coughed all of a sudden, and his face turned a little red. It was not uncommon for a woman to disguise herself as a man, but it was the first time he had heard of a woman disguised as a man visiting Hualou. It happened that Shen Miao also looked very magnanimous, and there was no trace of shame. Shen Miao suddenly stepped forward and leaned close to Pei Lang. With a bang, she unfolded the folding fan in her hand and blocked their faces. At the other end of the folding fan, she whispered, "Everyone says that the girl in Baoxianglou is the most beautiful girl in the world, so I went shopping specially.". Recently, many new Persian dancers have been added, each of which is very fragrant and gorgeous. Rao is Pei Lang calm and calm outside, even in the face of dignitaries also with ease, now facing Shen Miao this slightly ambiguous action, but is somewhat at a loss. What's more, Shen Miao said these messy things, but also let him suddenly give birth to a kind of illusion, as if the front is really that Zouma Zhangtai, sleeping flowers and willows of the playboy, talking with him about which dancer is more beautiful. Nonsense! Remembering his husband's identity, Pei Lang squeezed two words out of his teeth. Shen Miao smiled, and her eyes curved like a crescent moon. She could almost be regarded as breathing like an orchid. "But I ordered the card of the firefly girl," she said. As soon as the words came out, Pei Lang's body stiffened. Shen Miao took back the folding fan and looked at him with a smile. "I see Mr. Pei has been here for a long time watching the firefly. Is he also full of yearning for the firefly girl?" Pei Lang stared at Shen Miao, and his plain expression suddenly gave birth to a little ferocity. Shen Miao, however, was unmoved. Still smiling, she pointed to the happy building on one side: "Since Mr. Pei is also interested in the firefly girl, why don't you go in with me and have a drink and talk about the beauty?" Her manner was clearly a little frivolous, but there was a kind of irresistible majesty. She folded the fan across her chest and went upstairs first, leaving a sentence far away: "It is a pleasant thing to talk about beauty with good wine." Although Jingzhe Guyu and Mo Qing did not understand what Shen Miao meant, they never refuted Shen Miao's decision and immediately followed him in. Pei Lang stood alone and paused for a moment before he made up his mind to follow him in. Upstairs by the window, Ji Yushu jumped up: "Look!"! I said that Miss Shen was the one who liked Pei Lang, and went around such a big circle to order the brand of the firefly girl, all in order to talk to Pei Lang today! Gao Yang ignored him,Industrial pallet rack, but secretly speculated, "Just now she covered her face with a fan. What exactly did she say to Pei Lang?" Gao Yang shook his head. "I covered it with a fan. Does he know you can read lips?" When he said this, Gao Yang looked at Xie Jingxing. Xie Jingxing shrugged his shoulders to show that he was noncommittal. omracking.com