FIFA 23 has a ton of new features currently in development, and the Footgolf mode may revive some of the fun elements the game has lacked in the past few years. Footgolf is a combination of football and golf, but it's not exactly like football or golf. The game involves kicking the football into the hole with as few kicks as possible. Players can pursue further progress by purchasing FUT 23 Coins from

Footgolf uses the same modes as golf, including fairways, tee boxes, hazards, bunkers and 9 or 18 hole play. Every hole is the same, and like a golf scorecard, players can play in FIFA 23 cover stars pairs, trios or quads. Footgolf is suitable for any age and ability. Players can play without any professional practice.

In FIFA 23, Footgolf mode takes customization to a whole new level. In Squad Mode, players will be able to design a team kit, but there are plenty of accessories to choose from, such as tracksuits, hats, glasses, jewelry and boots. While playing solo, players can choose from some pretty outlandish outfits, such as football mascot outfits, fancy dresses, and even a full three-piece suit.

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In addition to player customization, it is possible that EA will implement course customization, similar to the customization of PGA Tour 2K23. The PGA Tour 2K23 Course Designer allows players to create their own 18-hole course with many different variables, including dangerous swamps, treacherous rivers and wooded woodlands. If players want to successfully complete their masterpiece, they can increase their power by purchasing FUT 23 Coins from