In FIFA 23, FUT Moments is the new single-player mode that players will get to Ultimate Team. EA is very suitable for some auxiliary training, and it will continuously provide players with new game scenarios. After that, players can even choose the reward themselves. Additionally, players can purchase FUT 23 Coins from to build a great ultimate team.

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, players will see several changes from last year's game. Of course, the core of the game mode has always remained the same, but EA is still constantly fine-tuning some things. FUT Moments is a new single-player mode that will be part of Ultimate Team and give players the FIFA 23 Coins option to train for specific scenarios.

To train for certain matches, free kicks or new penalties in Ultimate Team, players no longer need to go to the Skill Match or Skill Arena in the main menu. Players also don't have to invite players' friends to friendly matches. Players can simply launch this new mode and select for a moment. If the player successfully completes the moment, the player will be rewarded with the help of the new reward system.

EA has introduced a brand new reward system in the new mode where players will be rewarded with stars. How many stars the FIFA Coins player will earn after completing a moment depends on the AI ​​difficulty level chosen. Players can collect and keep newly earned stars, or redeem them directly for rewards of their choice in the Moments Gallery. This gallery will provide players with classic packs, as well as theme-based items and loaner player cards.

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