With NBA 2K23 set to release on September 9, many players are wondering what dribble moves the team will have. While EA has yet to release official information on these moves or any new additions, many NBA 2K23 MT players expect to see some new step-backs and crossovers in NBA 2K23. By the way, players can visit UTnice.com to keep up with the latest in NBA 2K23.

Between Legs Cross can help players bypass stronger defenders. Crossover is useful for players who suddenly change direction in order to overtake opponents. However, players should not do it right away near defenders as they are likely to steal. Players may slide between defenders by using the Hesitation dribble to stop them.

In and Out is a great move to confuse the opponent, where the player can try to cross while maintaining the current path. Additionally, players can use simple Spin moves to move away from their opponents. To trick the 2K MT defender and make him wonder what you're going to do next, the player can use Signature Size-up to fake in all four directions.

It is important to note that players should make sure their dribble is low, fast, and even with their feet, so that the player can prevent steals and become more powerful. These are a selection of dribble moves that a lot of players want to see in NBA 2K23, and they go a long way in gaining an advantage and allowing a player's defender to score points.

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