This year, the FIFA 23 chemistry system is getting an overhaul that will ruin anyone's plans to promote older teams from the previous Ultimate Team mode. Thankfully, EA has shaken off the shackles of the court with two feet in the biggest shake-up of chemistry since it was conceived. Players can learn all about the FIFA 23 chemistry system from to start building teams.

In FIFA 23, the most notable change is the removal of positional chemistry links. Historically, these forced players to connect FIFA 23 Coins players side by side on the pitch by their league or country. Failing to get a green link can negatively impact a player's chemistry score, which in turn affects their game stats.

In practice, this results in duplicate teams and narrow metadata, ensuring that most competitive players use the same tried-and-true combinations. FIFA 23 changes this by removing the location link, and now everyone in the player's team has a defined chemistry.

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To add further customization options, most players on FIFA 23 will be outfitted with a secondary slot to mimic their real-life versatility. The most adaptable players can have up to three secondary positions. Gareth Southgate's dream of playing full-back in every position may finally come true.

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