As soon as Zhu Jianshi stepped, his face suddenly sank: "Qin Feng!" Chapter 195 defeat the sea of knowledge. Qin Feng and Zhu Jianshi, the vice presidents of the Imperial City Control Division Association, knew each other naturally, but they never thought that even Qin Feng had rushed to the palace today, and it was obvious that he had come with Jin and stood on the side of Lin Tian. "What on earth do you mean by controlling the division guild?" Zhu Jianshi said in a deep voice. It's just a guest to protect my guild. Qin Fengfeng. Qin Feng, Jin Wei, Nie Yunfan, three people all stand in front of Lin Tian. Staring at this scene, Zhu Wudao's face suddenly became very ugly, in any case did not think that Lin Tian could actually invite these three big shots. Brother Lin, he. In the distance, Zhu Yi was a little surprised, apparently not expecting this scene. Zhu Jianshi stared at Qin Feng and said, "Are you going to make an enemy of my royal family for the sake of a little monk?" Qin Feng smiled indifferently: "Little Friar of the Divine Vein Realm?"? Have you ever seen a sixteen-year-old monk at the peak of the divine vein? Have you ever seen a sixteen-year-old fourth-order controller? Have you ever seen the little monk who entered the royal court alone for the sake of friendship? As he spoke, Qin Feng glanced at Zhu Wudao and said, "Compared with you, the new king of the royal family of Beiyan, who is not popular, you have just succeeded to the throne and have been ruthless to the loyal officials who have been fighting on the battlefield for decades. Don't you think the little monk in your mouth is very cute?" Listening to Qin Feng's words, Zhu Wudao's face suddenly turned livid, but he had to clench his fist. Zhu Jianshi three people do not change color, obviously, they already know what Zhu Wudao has done. Zhu Jianshi said, "What General Ji yuanshan did was wrong. Afterwards, we will naturally punish him severely." As he spoke, Zhu Jianshi looked at Lin Tian and said, "As for him, it's the same sentence. In any case, he broke into the palace today. It's a big taboo. Only one death can thank him for his crime." "Then there's nothing to talk about." Qin Feng smiled faintly. Zhu Jianshi three people's facial expressions sank down: "You really want to be an enemy of my royal family!" " "Don't think you Beiyan royal family is great, I control the array division, who has ever been afraid of!" Qin Fengfeng. Zhu Jianshi's three expressions were completely cold, and he said no more nonsense. See the real chapter under your hands! Zhu Jianshi Road. Said,stesweet stevia, Zhu Jianshi footsteps a shock, straight to Lin Tian. Qin Feng snorted coldly, raised his hand to clap out a hurricane, and stopped Zhu Jianshi: "Don't make a mistake about your opponent!" The words fall, Qin Feng is a palm raised, strong palm force frightens people to hear. In the other two directions, Zhu Qingzhi and Zhu Pingluo both rushed to Lin Tian, but they were stopped by Jin Wei and Nie Yunfan. For a time, six strong people who knew the sea were fighting together at the same time, and immediately rolled out an amazing Zhenyuan Gangfeng. Lin Tian's body suddenly moved, his right leg stepped hard on the ground, and suddenly turned into a light and shadow rushing in the direction of Zhu Wudao and Jiang Renwen, and the sword in his hand went straight up. Hum A cold hum sounded, a light and shadow flashed, and the white-haired old man appeared in front of him, clapping his hands. Fuck off Lin Tian shot out two piercing cold lights in his eyes and cut out a sword. With a clang, the thunder sword flashed and turned into a flash of lightning and rushed to the white-haired old man. The white-haired old man waved his arm and palm, turmeric extract powder ,carnosic acid price, and under a huge palm shadow, he collided with Cang Lei Jian Mang. Both with strong shake strong, with hard shake hard, suddenly burst open. Lin Tian stopped and stared at the white-haired old man, with a cruel and cold look in his eyes. Facing these eyes, the white-haired old man trembled for no reason, but then his eyes became cold: "Don't think you can do anything with the support of those three people. The power of the royal family is more than that. You can only die." Lin Tian raised the spirit sword, the thunder sword flashed, the fire sword interweaved, and the light of the thunder was vast together. Keng! With a pause, he rushed out in an instant and cut the white-haired old man with a sword. The white-haired old man snorted coldly, raised his palm to greet him, and collided with the sword in Lin Tian's hand. Dang! "铛 ! " "铛 ! " A sound like a metal collision came out, and it was in the air. The white-haired old man's eyes were cold, and his figure suddenly flashed, leaving a shadow around him, making it difficult to distinguish the actual situation. Flowing clouds and overlapping shadows! Zhu Wudao was slightly surprised. Flowing clouds and overlapping shadows, knowing the body skills of the sea realm, as far as quality is concerned, it is also the first in knowing the body skills of the sea realm. This body not only makes the practitioner extremely fast, but also produces dense phantoms to confuse the enemy, which is very difficult to deal with. Qin Feng and Zhu Jianshi fought and swept to Lin Tian. He is a spiritual monk, who is defeated in the face of a strong man who knows the sea, and when he meets the method of overlapping clouds and shadows, he can only die and end. Zhu Jianshi Road. Qin Feng smiled faintly: "You think too much, don't forget, he is the same as me, is the control division." Hearing this, Zhu Jianshi frowned. At this time, around Lin Tian, dense phantoms intertwined, there are hundreds, ordinary people simply can not tell who is true and who is false, but in these phantoms, Lin Tian's expression is extremely calm. He stood quietly in place, raised his right hand suddenly, and cut his sword to the left. Poof! Blood splashed, dense phantoms disappeared, and a figure flew out. This figure, of course, is the white-haired old man. Zhu Chien-shih and others all changed color, and the white-haired old man who displayed the method of clouds and shadows was cut off! "As I said, he is a control division like me." Qin Feng said indifferently. With these words, Qin Feng clapped his hands at Zhu Jianshi. Zhu Jianshi's face was cold and heavy, and he raised his hands to greet each other and stood with Qin Feng again. The white-haired old man flew across and steadied his figure in a mess, staring at Lin Tian in disbelief. At this moment, there was a deep sword mark on his chest, and the blood kept flowing out. How could you possibly know who I really am? The white-haired old man shouted. Lin Tian slanted his head, looked at Zhu Wudao and Jiang Renwen, and pushed forward, not caring about the white-haired old man at all. The white-haired old man's face sank, shook his body, stopped in front of Lin Tian again,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and clapped his hands. This slap is more terrible than any time before. Lin Tian pulled the spirit sword tightly, his eyes became extremely cold, and Lei Yan's sword suddenly rushed up. Keng! 。