Even if the Demon Princess has become the noble Queen of the Empire of Julie, she can't stand the evil intentions of her future son-in-law. "I have come specially to let my grandmother know that her majesty has come to Bujoya and is on her way to that bedroom of Mr. Minglai Xiuda." Chapter 429 the love of the hypnotist (4). Early in the morning, Xiuda was really not on guard. Ming Dang, who had become Queen Julie, led a large number of people excitedly into his private bedroom from a distant country, which not only woke him up, but also completely broke his quiet life. Incredibly, he opened his eyes wide and stared at the uninvited guests who had already crowded his room, especially the honey-skinned woman who was closest to his bedside and always seemed to have a beautiful and evil smile on her face. This woman has pink lips, a pretty nose, short hair, and a plain red dress. Isn't she the demon cousin who left Bujoya long ago? Xiuda was confused for a long time and slowly came to his senses. In a flash, he jumped up from the bed with chagrin and shouted, "This is my bedroom!"! Zhu Liming! Are you kidding me?! This is my bedroom! Do you understand?! Ritchie looked on coldly and saw that Xiuda had lost his temper. He could not help holding his arms lazily and interrupting seriously in front of Ming Dang: "My family is willing to condescend into the bedroom to call you. First, they are in a hurry. Second, they think highly of you. You have a lot of meat on your body. Is it worth making such a fuss?" Rich has always pursued the principle of internal and external differences. If he is unhappy, he can shout at the wildcat goddess at will, but it does not mean that others enjoy the same privileges as him,pumpkin seed extract, even if the other side is her legendary cousin. You And who are you? Who are you to teach me a lesson? When Xiuda got up, his anger was already very serious. It was all right if Ricky didn't open his mouth. When he opened his mouth, he didn't say a good word. It was all with a gun and a stick. Where could Xiuda hold it down? He was even more furious in an instant. Seeing that the target of the other side's attack was successfully transferred by himself, Richie laughed instead, and he reached out mischievously, rubbing Xiuda's blue curly hair like a chicken coop into a mess,rosmarinic acid supplement, and then exclaimed in surprise: "Dangdang!"! Have you noticed that his hair is real! Pure ocean blue, as if it had not been bleached and dyed, just like my father's!!! Rich's careless words startled Ming Dang. She quickly stopped his rudeness and whispered in his ear, "Don't mention your father here.." At this time, Xiuda stepped back violently in amazement, stepped heavily on the instep of his back, and in an instant there was a slight cry of pain. Xiuda turned his head in a panic and wanted to open his mouth to apologize. He looked up and saw the face of the person behind him. His eyebrows were soft and his lips were red. His cheeks were faintly flowing and charming. He could not help but be more and more amazed: "Ling.." Dr. Linggui.. What's the matter Why are you?! Linggui gritted his teeth and kept silent, and in a pair of beautiful pupil beads with elegant water color, he could not stop flashing a little anger against someone. Anger I don't want to hide. Half an hour ago, Xiao Mang's super spaceship arrived at the capital of Buchoya smoothly. Amizak, who carried the spaceship, asked him to go to the official residence of Lady Qingrui of Buchoya's military headquarters alone. After Zack, Ling Gui Shen Sen asked to go home to visit his parents, fenugreek saponins ,jujube seed powder, but Ming Dang didn't agree. Shen Sen angrily blamed Ming Dang for restricting his freedom of life. Ming Dang replied lightly that when she finished her urgent work, she would naturally choose another time to accompany him to her home and reach a high understanding agreement with her parents, agreeing that he would become her personal doctor. So, follow Ming Dang into Xiuda bedroom, in addition to Ming Dang, Ritchie, four queen guards, and Ling Gui Shen Sen. After Xiuda's bedroom was forcibly made smaller by Nawa, he never moved back. When he got up and looked at it, he felt that the room was full of people. It was not surprising at all. Now. Now. What the hell is going on now?! Why is it that all the guests are much fiercer than his host? Chapter 430 the love of the hypnotist (5). Relying on the first princess of the royal family of the Buchoya Empire, the marshal of the military department, Princess Buni, took the initiative to give her a platinum-level inspection-free pass that was convenient to use. Ming Dang, with a large number of people, went deep into the capital of Buchoya, a heavily guarded area inhabited by high nobles. It was simply effortless. Then swagger arrived at the door of her aunt's residence, by the saltpetre mang alone, sent an oral application to the two guards of the Ming Lai family, and soon got the whole audience. As soon as the little blond nobleman from the alien star appeared with his innocent and lovely pink face, he claimed in a soft child's voice that he wanted to give a special surprise to Grandma Mingleitanwa and the grandfathers of the Minglai family. With a very sincere expression, he begged the guard uncle to keep it secret for him and let him in directly without communication. A few days ago, the two guards, who had been thoroughly familiar with Xiao Mang and had even received some benefits from him, were very moved by the little boy's words. They were completely unsuspecting of falsehood. They immediately opened their doors warmly and politely, so that Ming Dang and others were able to swagger straight in. She went straight to Sith, Dad's bedroom, the gym, the front door, the backyard and other corners where he liked to hang out. She told everyone to search one by one, but she didn't find the other party. She called him and kept turning off the phone. Sith still hasn't replied to the email she sent before departure. In desperation, Ming Dang had no choice but to kill a horse gun, wake up cousin Xiuda, carefully investigate the whole story. After the initial consternation and confusion, Ming Dang first asked Xiuda for the key to the small hotel in the official residence. He first asked Rich to lead the crowd to arrange for carrying luggage, assigning rooms and accommodation, and then deliberately left only his cousin and began to ask questions alone. Not very willingly, almost by Ming Dang semi-compulsively, handed over the key to a small hotel that his family had not used for a long time, and Xiuda was puzzled: What do you want to do with so many people? Don't you think it's enough trouble at home? Nonsense, what else can you do with the hotel key? Naturally,ghana seed extract, it's at my cousin's house. Incorrect It was to settle down at Minister Minglai's house. The woman has a pair of black and beautiful eyes, and her smile flows for a moment, which is indescribably smart and naughty. prius-biotech.com