Hamilton Berg called a photographer to testify, and he produced a photograph of the body lying on a bed, from which blood from a neck wound could be seen spattering the walls and carpet. There is also a close-up of Mr. Edikos's face, where the gorilla's scratches on his face can be seen. Ask questions. Hamilton Berg said. "I noticed that there were two kinds of mugshots of the dead," Mason said. "One with a mustache and the other with a clean shave." The former was taken before the body was moved to the morgue, and the other was taken shortly after the autopsy. The undertaker scraped the face of the corpse clean for the funeral. So you took pictures of the body and then went back and took some pictures? Is that right? "Yes, sir." "Why should I send you again?" "I don't know." "But you were sent to the morgue and took some pictures of the body, right?" "Yes." "The face has been shaved." "Yes." "This is to identify the deceased?" I don't know what the purpose is. I was sent, and I went to take pictures. "Thank you." Mason smiled and said, "Over." "This is the whole situation, your honor." Hamilton Berg said. "I called the court's attention to the fact that there is a little bit of information I need to check and ask a few more questions,best green coffee bean extract," Mason said. "I need some time to check a technical question and I need to discuss it with my assistant.". It's almost time for the afternoon recess. Can the court continue hearing the case tomorrow morning? Judge Maddy shook his head. Mr. Mason, you've had plenty of time to prepare this case. When the trial began, the district attorney asked for a continuance, but you didn't agree, and you insisted on the trial. The court will not allow you to go back on your word. I'm taking a 15-minute recess so you can discuss it. "The court is now in recess for 15 minutes." Judge Maddy made his way to his room. Mason walked over to where Mrs. Cam Burton was sitting. The female guard was a few paces away. "I'm sorry,ghana seed extract," Mrs. Cam Burton whispered to him. "I tried to be clever, and it backfired.". Let me take the stand. I'll tell the truth and set the record straight. "Now here to set the record straight, you lied to me?" "It's just about the cashier's check. I really didn't lie. I took it out for you." "Well, where did the check come from?" On the little table beside Mr. Edicus's bed, he was asleep, and he had been drinking. The check was right there, signed for me. I understood immediately that he wanted to give it to me. "Wait a minute, you said the check was signed to you?" "Yes, tannic acid astringent ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, it's written on the back." "You mean you didn't forge the signature of the endorsement?" Of course not. When I saw it, I signed it. That's what I saw. I know that's why he asked me to go there. "Don't you want anyone to believe that?" "Why not?"? This is a fact. "Well, don't tell anyone until we find out about it." "Mr. Mason, I want you to take me as a witness. I want to tell them the truth about what happened." Mason shook his head. Let's talk about it later. "You think I told a lie, don't you?" "Not necessarily." "You think so." All right. You told us you didn't want us to be suddenly scolded about the check. I just missed it. I didn't lie to you. There's something I didn't tell you. That's all "If I put you on the stand right now, they're going to crucify you," Mason said. "We don't have much time," he told Etna. "We have to do something." "Let's try to postpone the trial until tomorrow morning." "The judge will not agree. He wants to finish the matter today.". He believed that this was a preliminary hearing and that there was enough evidence before the court formally heard it. What shall we do, then? We can't put her on the stand. ” "This happens to every lawyer, Jim," Mason said. "We have to find a way to drag it out until the judge has to close for the night." "There is no way." "They threw the ball to us, and we couldn't do anything about it," Etna said. We can't explain the cashier's check or the clumsy signature, Mason. If we can't explain it clearly, we have to be beaten. I wish I'd never met this woman. Even though I have to charge for it.. 。 Mason shook his head. You have to go with the flow, Jim. You can't keep skimming. Fate is in your hands all the time. "Josephine Camberton has our sincere support and has no right to deceive us." Etna said. Mason smiled and said, "Are you kidding?" Etna smiled perfunctorily. I really didn't mean that, but, uh, the story of the gorilla.. Then we heard the crazy story about the check, and she tried to cover it up! "Well," said Mason, "let's stall as long as we can to try to get some clarity." "How can you delay?" "When it comes to questioning witnesses on technical issues," Mason said, "I leave myself open. One thing they may not understand is, have you heard of Dr. Gladhall in St. Louis? Etna shook his head. You should have heard, "said Mason," that he was an important founder of the American Institute of Law,lycopene for skin, and that he was doing research that would give these guys a headache. I will point out this problem when I have the opportunity to mention the technical problem. But Let's go! Mason pointed to the door to Judge Maddy's room, which was open so that Judge Maddy could return to the courtroom. www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 17 { Xiao } { Shuo } { t } { xt } { Tian } { Tang Judge Maddy glanced at his watch. Please proceed as soon as possible, gentlemen. I see no reason why we should not finish today. 。 prius-biotech.com