Only then did Lu Qianyang discover that Ruan Jiangxi was extremely clever, but her family's clever artist actually got into the car of a certain rich man! Lu Qianyang had a headache: "I just heard those women say that Jiangxi seduced Song Dashao. Jiangxi doesn't really want to play with hidden rules, does it?" Wei Daqing scratched his head: "Are there few people who think about hidden rules in Jiangxi these years?" It's a lot, but. Can they compare with Song Shao? Song ci two words to H city a swing is- "Lu Qianyang voice suddenly a meal, and then pull up," Song ci?! " "What happened to Song Ci?" Why is it that when women talk about the names of Song Ci, they are all abnormal. Lu Qianyang stared at the single eyelid: "Xiaoqing, do you remember the name of the dog in Jiangxi?" Wei Daqing thought for a moment: "It seems to be called Song." Song what? Usually always fat dog fat dog barks, your name is a little bit do not remember, anyway surnamed Song. It's called Song Ci! Lu Qianyang held his face and became deep. She felt that there was something between the two that she didn't know before. The story between the two men. Lu Qianyang and Qiongyao. At the beginning of the street lamp, the colorful scene was speeding back. The wind leaking from the window was slightly cool, which disturbed Ruan Jiangxi's hair pulled up in front of her forehead. She was still wearing red makeup. Under the heavy smoky makeup, a pair of pupils were shining and the corners of her mouth were raised. She was obviously in a good mood. She turned her head sideways and stared at the side face of the man beside her. Song Ci suddenly turned his head and looked at Ruan Jiangxi: "You have been looking at me." Ruan Jiangxi did not dodge at all, the line of sight is burning: "Because want to remember your face, firmly remember." Half truth and half falsehood, her words, people can not understand. Qin Jiang in the main driver's seat looked at the girl from the rearview mirror, who obviously had bad intentions but was open and honest. He really couldn't understand it. How could he play'seduce 'so openly? "Why should I remember?" He asked her, uncertain, as if he were testing, as if he were curious. Ruan Jiangxi replied, "Because you are Song Ci." Without concealing her deliberate ingratiation, Song Ci had never met such a grand gesture of kindness. Eyes deep, Song Ci firmly: "You know me." She called him Song Ci in a familiar tone. No woman has ever dared to call him by his first name. Uh Ruan Jiangxi nodded and was very honest. So you approached me on purpose. The tone was cold and hard, the eyelashes half closed, Qin Jiang knew that this was the expression of his boss when he was dissatisfied,pump tube, but the girl had bad intentions and evil intentions, what was the matter with Song Shao's unwilling and dissatisfied appearance? He thought his boss would throw the girl out of the car. It wasn't intentional this time, it was accidental. After a pause, Ruan Jiangxi added, "The next time I approach you, it may be intentional." Still as Frank as ever, that is, to explain the previous situation, and to inform the follow-up development,cosmetic tube, this girl is really bold, the next confession has been confessed, it seems that there is a kind of solitary courage not to let go. What do you want? Song Ci did not seem to be angry, but leaned against the car seat and looked coldly at Ruan Jiangxi. What do you want? Could it be any more obvious? Blatantly provocative, Sima Zhao's heart! Qin Jiang felt that his boss's problem was a bit superfluous. Song Ci. Ruan Jiangxi shouted, suddenly leaned forward, staring at Song Ci's face, staring. She approached without warning, Song Ci's eyelashes suddenly jumped, the tip of his nose was full of Ruan Jiangxi's breath, light, but menacing, into Song Ci's senses. He suddenly turned around, his eyes were confused, and his slightly red earlobes were reflected in the window. This woman could make him panic. Song Ci cast aside his eyes and did not look at Ruan Jiangxi. "Let me ask again, what do you want?"? What is the purpose? The voice is somewhat deliberately cold, Song Ci stressed, "I am not a patient person." Qin Jiang can be sure that his family Song Shao is definitely not a patient person, polyfoil tube ,pump tube, but according to his observation along the way, Song Shao has been more than patient with this Ruan girl, can be said to be tolerant, he does not believe that Song Shao's shrewd to abnormal mind, will not see what this girl wants. "Song Ci," said Ruan Jiangxi word by word, speaking slowly but firmly, "this is my answer." Beauty to seek, attack the city strategy, Ruan Jiangxi's purpose is him, is Song Ci. Qin Jiang, a woman with a big appetite, is not uncommon, but so magnanimous, really unprecedented, this Ruan Jiangxi, greedy. On the contrary, his own boss, that good-looking face, slightly red, do not know whether it is angry, or was molested by this girl. Parking The tone is urgent, Song Ci shouts very loudly. Qin Jiang immediately stepped on the brake, he was surprised, Song Dashao actually confused, looking back, see Song Ci is pursed mouth, frowning, a face of discomfort. Also, this Ruan Jiangxi was obviously directed at the two words of Song Ci. As for whether he took a fancy to Song Dashao's money or Yan, it was a matter that hurt Song Dashao's self-esteem. Qin Jiang could understand. He got out of the car and opened the car door for Ruan Jiangxi very consciously and thoughtfully: "Miss Ruan, it's too late today to send you back." What a fake polite remark! Ruan Jiangxi did not mind, nodded slightly, said'thank you ', carrying a long skirt out of the car, standing next to the door, looking at Song Ci, she said: "Goodbye, Song Ci." Song Ci turned his head sideways and did not look at her. She smiled, revealing two round pear vortexes and a pair of clear eyes, as light as clouds and smoke. "We will see each other again." Turned around, down the street lamp, the wind is very cold, she held her hands, let the red skirt spread all over the floor. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Really can not help spoilers, Ruan Jiangxi offensive is so fierce, it is because many years ago. To predict what will happen, please see the following chapters. Chapter 5: Miss Ruan's Maoni "We will definitely meet again." Turned around, down the street lamp, the wind is very cold, she held her hands, let the red skirt spread all over the floor. Song Ci gazed, silent, until the distance has not seen the red figure to withdraw the line of sight: "Drive." Qin Jiang turned around and said, "Song Shao, would you like me to check this woman? It looks like she has bad intentions. The purpose is not simple." He put it mildly,eye cream packaging tube, feeling that the word "seduce" lowered his boss's status too much. A lot of things. Song Ci's eyelashes were not raised, his eyes were half closed, and his expression was hard to distinguish.