"I don't know.." Ouch! I'm happy.. Because this little man is biting my waist! "I'm satisfied that you like me, Xiao Di!" He stopped and looked at me deeply. "I didn't think you would really agree to marry me!" " "Promising!" I was angry and funny, and a little sad. Oh, let me like you for nothing? At least let me be Mrs. Fang or something? Your grandfather said he would arrange the wedding day for us when we meet next time. "Get married.." Do you have a banquet? He looked at me with a lingering fear. Can't you do it? I also looked at him with a lingering fear, "It's terrible to hold a banquet!" He looked at me slightly sideways for a moment. "Will your parents agree?" "Well, whether my parents can recognize you as a son-in-law or even my daughter is still a question!"! How can you manage so far? When he heard this, his face darkened and he stopped talking. What's wrong? Hit? I looked at him closely. Uh "How much of a blow has it been?" "Very big, very big!" He compared his hands to a circle as big as a water tank. "So big!" I was stunned and then burst out laughing. Laughing, he hugged him and almost threw him out of his wheelchair onto me, scaring him into a low cry. He Xiaodi! This is a public place! "Ha ha ha ha!" I let go of him, but I couldn't stop laughing. How did you pick up such a clown for me? He groped around shyly for a moment and laughed too. At one o'clock in the afternoon, I sent Fang Zhiyuan, who had changed his suit,drum spill containment, downstairs on time. Henry had already driven and waited downstairs. When I got back to my room, I began to carry out my plan-to call Fang Zhixin. After the phone was connected, Fang Zhixin's tone was quite nervous. As soon as he opened his mouth, he said, "What's wrong with Zhiyuan?" "Nothing,plastic pallet supplier, I'm looking for you!" To be honest, I was a little touched by his tone. After all, he cares about his brother as much as I do, or even more! "You're looking for me?" There was a note of alarm in his voice. "What's the matter?" "Well!" Do not know why, my heart a little back down, may be his tone to do it! "What about Zhiyuan?"? Went to the company? Alas, the whole family is a wise man! "Well!" I took a breath to embolden myself, and while I still had the courage, I asked all the questions I had thought about on the plane yesterday. Fang Zhixin didn't interrupt me. When I finished, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic bulk containers, he asked, "What did he tell you?" "He didn't say anything and told me not to ask!" If he told you not to ask, why did you ask me? Don't you think that's.. Isn't that good? It sounds like he's choosing his words very carefully.. Should be considered to give me face, right? "I.." I took another breath and exclaimed, "But I want to know, and I think I need to know!"! There is still a long way to go. If I know more about him, I can pay more attention and be more careful not to go. "Check it on the Internet!" He interrupted me. Ah I didn't react. Google it and you'll find out, as I said. It's much better! His tone sounded difficult and heavy. "I.." I don't want to say! I don't want to do it without Zhiyuan's consent. "I see!" I interrupted him, too. He really shouldn't have been embarrassed! Is it all right to type his name? One more question. Well, English name! Fung!” "I know, thank you." He had already hung up before I finished thanking him. Shit, as for?! I stared at the phone for a while and threw it aside, but I was worried. Check it on the Internet. Does that mean it's a big deal? Otherwise, where can it be on the news? Is it difficult to.. What appalling abuse, even sexual abuse?! Oh my God! No wonder the little bastard said I was his first woman! If that's the case, how much courage did he have to face me? And How can you still have high morale?! I also brought my own laptop, which was on the top of my suitcase; there was an Internet cable in the room with free Internet access; Fang Zhixin also told me the key words of my search; I also wanted to know the answer. However, I still sat for a long time without moving. My mind is full of all kinds of messy guesses, one more miserable than the other, one more frightening than the other, so that in the end I am considering whether to give up the investigation! The mobile phone rang, and it was none other than Fang Zhiyuan. I arrived at the company and told you. "Eh?"? Oh My heart beat faster, as if I were cheating on him and being caught by him. Uh? What are you doing? Why are you so stupid? I.. I'm just being silly! Who told you to interrupt me?! The first complaint of the wicked is probably my virtue! "Oh!" He snorted, "then you continue to be stupid!"! Don't be silly for too long. I don't want to see the fool Xiao Di when I come back! "Come back and you'll see the pauper Xiao Di!"! Do you know about international roaming? "Cut!"! Cheapskate! Is it cheaper than Singapore and Malaysia? "Get out!"! Go to your work and have your meeting, Chairman! The luxury cruise ship is all up to you! "Oh!" He laughed, "Don't be silly, go shopping!"! The credit card is on the table. "I know!"! Make a quick decision and get your ass back here before I bankrupt you too! "Well!" He hung up happily. I jumped up and took the computer. With a little mental preparation, I was shocked when the Google results came out: more than 2200 related entries! While I was browsing quickly, I was annoyed that I was a pig brain. Why didn't you think of checking on the Internet earlier? He is a snooker player who became famous as a teenager. He is also a very rare Chinese. There should be a lot of information to check! What a.. Fool, Xiao Di! Since he officially appeared on the Internet at the age of 15,plastic pallet supplier, there has been all kinds of information about him, everything, and all kinds of pictures. cnplasticpallet.com