After receiving a phone call from Ye Qiu, Bubu hesitated and came over. Height and legs are long, and they are divided according to the best proportion, and the waist is thin and the chest is full, which is really a rare beauty embryo. If such a woman put on uniform stockings, or wild or affectionate silently lying in bed, I am afraid few people can stand it? Today's cloth cloth is also dressed up, the lower part of the body is a cow skirt, wearing black cotton socks, feet are a pair of black plush leather boots, the upper part of the body is a white T shirt with a red heart-shaped pattern, wearing a light gray windbreaker,mobile garbage bin, neck tied with a scarf. Stylish and sexy. What's the matter? Bubu stopped a few steps away from Yeqiu and looked at him warily. It is said that Christmas and Valentine's Day are virgin days. Does he want to do it again tonight? "I said I would give you a gift." Ye Qiu said with a smile. Ye Qiu took two steps forward and took Bubu's hand. Put the delicate box in her hand. Happy holidays. Ye Qiu waved his hand to her and turned to walk back. Bubu looked at the background of Ye Qiu. I looked at the box in the palm of my hand again, and I had mixed feelings. Aren't you a little rude? You should say happy holidays to him. Happy holidays. Bubu held the small box on his chest. Said softly. Lan Kexin is easier to find. Today, the department organizes activities, and she, a good girl,euro plastic pallet, will naturally go to help. Ye Qiu came to the floor where their classroom was located and was immediately frightened by the grand occasion in front of him. The advertising campaign was very good because posters were put up all over the school in advance. Moreover, the word "garden tour" is still unfamiliar to many students. Be able to participate in a variety of activities on the same floor, and have prizes to take, and be able to participate in the game personally. Instead of just sitting in the audience and watching others perform, it is still very tempting for many students. The whole floor was decorated, and the door was pasted with red Spring Festival couplets with Chinese tradition. The long corridor was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. Pedestrians crowded from one classroom to another. From time to time, laughter and laughter came out. Ye Qiu managed to squeeze into the classroom where his class was located. There were many people playing the game of back-to-back luck balloons. Yang Le and Li Dazhuang also participated. They formed a team and were competing with several other teams. There are still many people around. Ready to move. Ready to go up and show off. Lan Kexin sat on the edge of the doorway with a smile on her face, and many boys came to this side intentionally or unintentionally. Others came to chat up on their own initiative. This kind of festival can be met but not sought for boys, and there is a fair and aboveboard opportunity to hook up with girls in other departments. If you come here so brazenly when you have nothing to do, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, you will be beaten to death with a brick. Lan Kexin was busy getting prizes for the winners of the game. Ye Qiu knocked on her desk. Lan Kexin raised her head and was about to tell others not to worry. When she came slowly, she saw Ye Qiu standing in front of her. Her pretty face stretched out and she laughed silently. I thought you were here to receive an award. Lan Kexin smiled sweetly. I'm not here to receive an award. Ye Qiu smiled and waved his hand. Seeing that you are giving so many prizes to people, I will also give you a prize. With these words, Ye Qiu handed the small box in his hand to Lan Kexin. Thank you Lan Kexin's face was slightly red, the smile on her face became more and more intense, and the hearts of the boys who had been staring at her for a long time and were ready to find a chance to do it were broken. I have something to do, so I won't say hello to Yang Le Dazhuang. Say happy holidays to them for me. "Mmm." Lan Kexin nodded earnestly, as if Ye Qiu had explained what was the big deal. Out of the school gate, Ye Qiu took a long deep breath. The gift is finally sent out. Why does it feel a little strange? It seems that he is like a lecherous Santa Claus who gives gifts to beautiful girls. Ye Qiu just got into the car, and before he could start it, the cell phone in his pocket rang, and the caller ID was Ran Dongye's number. Ye Qiu smiled bitterly and was about to look for her, but unexpectedly she came to the door herself. Happy holidays. Ye Qiu connected the phone and said. Hee hee, thank you. Happy holidays. Ye Qiu, where are you now? Ran Dongye seemed to be in a very good mood and kept laughing when he talked. Uh. I'm at the school gate. Ye Qiu said. 'Good. Wait for me there. Be there in fifteen minutes. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, a red Beetle car stopped beside Ye Qiu's car. Ran Dongye pressed down the window, revealing a pretty face like a flower. He stared at Ye Qiu with his big eyes shining and said, "Come on, let's go to the church." "What are you going to church for?" Ye Qiu asked doubtfully. Make a wish. Idiot Ran Dongye made a white eye movement, such a lovely movement in her face to show, unexpectedly some small charm. Ye Qiu was stupefied. "All right," he said. Christmas is a foreign festival introduced from the West. Westerners have the tradition of teaching, praying and making wishes on Christmas Eve, which is also accepted by Chinese people. Many people also go to church to make wishes on Christmas Eve. Some people don't believe in religion at all, just to show their love in front of their girlfriends. What's more, some people want to get some candy from the church. Ran Dongye left his car at the gate of Shuimu University. He jumped into Ye Qiu's car. Ye Qiu drove the car under the guidance of Ran Dongye. Finally, she came to the church where she said she would make a wish every year. According to tradition, it should be Christmas Eve to make a wish. But at that time, there were too many people to squeeze in. So I always come here on Christmas night,foldable bulk container, but there will be a lot of people. Whether we can squeeze in or not depends on our luck. Ran Dongye sat beside Ye Qiu. His voice was clear and melodious. Ye Qiu thought, Ran Dongye didn't come yesterday. It's because I can't accompany her because of my own business. This girl is always so careful. If she didn't explain it this way, how could she know that Christmas Eve was the time to make a wish.