People's heart is not good, immediately dispersed. Jiang Qiankun threw himself at Dou Ye from the side and threw Dou Ye aside. Dou Ye had not yet begun to scold, and the general jumped up. I put down Hu Songshan, took out the saber she had just given me, and said, "The tip of this knife is a little bald because it pricks the feet of zombies below. Let's make do with it for self-defense.". You stay here and I'll protect you. Hu Songshan looked at me and nodded to me vigorously, with a happy look on his face. I walked forward with a torch in my left hand and a dagger in my right hand. At this time, I wish this knife would be a spear or broadsword. This dagger is usually difficult to attack directly as a weapon. Only when the opponent pinches my neck, the dagger can get the enemy. The original role of the dagger is to defend oneself and attack at close range, once the bold fight, it runs counter to the function of the dagger. Saying that the zombie suddenly appeared behind Douye, Jiang Qiankun threw Douye aside, and the zombie continued to attack Jiang Qiankun on the ground. When Chen Daohe saw the two men being attacked, he swung the fire stick on his body and threw it at the zombies. If the zombie was hurt by a knife, a chair, a piece of wood, or a stick, it would not matter, but by the force of the fire stick, the zombie immediately exhaled a black breath from his mouth, which was both smelly and cold. The zombie received a stick, then turned around and grabbed the fire stick and threw Chen Daohe at the foot of the wall. Chen Daohe, who was injured, sat on the ground, not knowing whether he was really injured or not. www。 Xiaoshuotxt. C o mt,plastic pallet box, X \ t, small, say heaven, don. Chapter 74 left and right generals (2). When I saw that the fire stick was still working so well, I immediately stretched out the fire stick and smashed it on the zombie's back. How to know that the fire stick has been burned to the end, the end is not strong enough, hit the zombie body, immediately into pieces. Red pieces of wood were scattered all over the floor, but I had only half a torch in my hand,heavy duty plastic pallet, and the cave suddenly became much darker. Without the light of the fire, everyone became afraid. At this time, only the brazier behind the middle hall was still lit up, illuminating the cave through the afterglow. Fortunately, zombies have armor on their bodies, and when they move, they make a loud noise. The zombie attacked me immediately after I hit him with a stick. Fortunately, I had been prepared, and after hitting a sucker punch, I immediately stepped back. Zombies see me back, a flash jump and continue to jump. Because of his speed, he was in front of me in an instant. I saw a precipice behind me, so I had to lie down and pass under the crotch of the zombie. When Jiang Qiankun saw me fighting alone, he and Master Dou came to help me. Dou Ye, who had slept, had no strength, but at the critical moment, collapsible pallet box ,wholesale plastic pallet, he was still brave. He and Jiang Qiankun flew up and each kicked the zombie to the edge of the wall. The foot worked, and the two men did not give the zombies a chance to fight back, and immediately added another foot. But that zombie is not this one foot two feet can be balanced, need to use a more fierce guy. Then I jumped up, hoping to make up for him with a star knife when he didn't turn around. I didn't know that just when I wanted to attack, the zombie had turned around. At this point, if I jump again, his arm will be pinched straight into my neck. Then I rolled forward to the foot of the zombie and stabbed the foot of the zombie with a knife. Jiang Qiankun and Dou Ye each grabbed one of his arms when they saw the opportunity, so that the zombies were stabilized by us. As the zombie's feet were pricked, he cried out in pain, followed by a whistling cry in his mouth. "Ha ha," said Master Dou with a smile. "Now I know it hurts. What did you do just now? I didn't know you were outnumbered." When Master Dou finished, I got up and stabbed the zombie in the chest, hoping to give him a fatal blow. But after my knife went down, Jiang Qiankun said, "You're silly. Come and kick him in the spine." When I heard Jiang Qiankun say this, I remembered that this was the real skill I had just learned from Chen Daohe and the fake monk. So I pulled out my knife and prepared to go around behind the zombie and fix it again. I didn't know that Dou Ye was injured after all, and he was not strong enough. After the zombie was stabbed by me, he was so painful that he threw Dou Ye away. Without Dou Ye's checks and balances, the zombies easily threw Jiang Qiankun to the foot of the wall. Jiang Qiankun suffered this force and immediately stood up in pain. He looked at Chen Daohe, who was sitting on the ground next to him, and said, "Ninth Master, you have almost had a rest.". When you go up the mountain, you can see that you climb the mountain very fast, and the monkeys can't compare with you. Don't pretend. When we die, no one can save you. When Chen Daohe heard Jiang Qiankun say this, he stood up limply and said, "I'm an old man. What do you say is faster than a monkey?". I was thrown to the wall just now, and my bones were almost broken. Without looking at him, Jiang Qiankun went straight to the zombies and said, "Then you will continue to grow old. Don't go with us later." After the zombie ate my knife, he seemed to have been badly hurt, and he stood in the distance, motionless. I and Douye, Jiang Qiankun slowly surrounded up, because the light is too dim, can not see the zombies, can only see a blurred figure. My heart, is not this zombie dead? How do you know that in this time, a silver-white shadow appeared behind the zombie, only to see another zombie behind the zombie. Master Dou scolded, "Damn it! Why did the Japanese ninjas come here?" Listen to Chen Daohe of the back only and say: "That is not what Ninja Turtle, but left general to hit aid to come." Hearing what Chen Daohe said, I understood why the zombie would make that whistling sound at the beginning. I thought it was painful, but it turned out to be moving reinforcements. The left general who appeared in the back was also ferocious, and before his body arrived, he felt a strong wind blowing. Chen Daohe said in the back, "The geomantic omen of this zombie is better than that of the right general. Although the right general has a distinguished position, there is no coffin below, so he can't absorb the spirit." Master Dou scolded, "Nonsense! If that's the case, then the zombies on the first and second floors below will not die." Hearing Dou Ye's rebuttal, Chen Daohe kept silent. Indeed, if this is the explanation,collapsible bulk container, the following zombies should indeed be more powerful. But some zombies want to die, some zombies suck blood, and some zombies only want money. The ghost who runs the pub on the second floor will leave as long as he gives the money.