"Nancy, come here." After kneeling down, Nancy's voice was very small, although Wang Tian could still hear it, but it was very uncomfortable. Pointing to his feet, Wang Tian motioned to Nancy and asked, "According to what you said, one plant can be used by you for a year. Can't a hundred plants be used for a hundred years?"? No herb can stand for so long. Looking at Wang Tian's feet nearby, Nancy was so excited that she said in a trembling voice, "I, I can refine more pills so that they can be stored for a long time.". Xuelanzhi also has the effect of staying in the face, adding other medicinal materials can be prepared to stay in the face Dan, I also know this method. "Oh, no wonder this thing sells so expensive, is not to say that the gene needle has the effect of keeping the face?"? Is your Zu Yan Dan more effective than it? "Gene needle has this effect, it originally contains some of the ingredients of this Xuelanzhi, but it can only be used once, and Zhuyan Dan can be taken for a long time, not only to keep the face, but also to improve the life span, relatively speaking, better than gene needle.". It also has a disadvantage, that is, the price is too high,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and most people do not know the method. This kind of Yan Dan is the secret of our soul clan. "Secret transmission?"? Have you ever taken it before? One hundred and eighty years old looks like one hundred years old, even better maintained than one hundred years old. If it weren't for her silver-white hair, it would be impossible to believe that she was more than 100 years old. Yes, it is prepared with Zuilongcao, and every saint will take it once a year. Once a year, you can live up to three hundred years, and your appearance will remain under fifty years old. Nancy said respectfully. Oh Wang Tian snorted. Pulling the veil from her face, she still retained some of the beauty of her youth, but she could not be compared with fifty years old. Master,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, I haven't taken it for fifty years, and I'm sure I won't be that young. Kneeling at Wang Tian's feet, Nancy spoke more and more quickly, and it seemed that she had found her place. Sure enough, it's a good thing. Although I can't use it, Xiaozhen, Xiaoai and Ollie can use it. But a hundred years later, I still have this kind of appearance, and they all become old women with chicken skin. That's unappetizing: "This kind of Yan Dan should be refined more, the more the better." Wang Tian said, and then said to Li Lu in his bosom, "You will eat in the future, so that you will always be so beautiful, OK?" Lilu has no idea about beauty, but what the host said must be good. She nodded her head vigorously: "Lilu listens to the host. The host lets Lilu eat, and Lilu eats." "Well, Concealed Flush Valve ,Self-closing Shower Valve, Lilu is so good and obedient, and the master will take good care of you in the future." "Well, Lilu must be good." In the eyes of outsiders, this scene is a typical crime of luring a little girl. Fortunately, all the people here are Wang Tian's personal servants. They also know that Wang Tian wants to accept Lilu. They can only be happy. How can they have any other ideas. Also talked about some trifles, the car drove to the hospital, Wang Tian asked Nancy to cover the cloth, let them wait in the car, with deep five people down. As soon as I got off the bus, I saw Ollie standing in front of the hospital and looking around. Wang Tian just told her to come right away and didn't tell her anything else. Looking at Ollie wearing a light blue gorgeous dress, attracted the attention of people coming and going, and after a while, a few people went to chat up. Wang Tian lowered his head and quietly walked up behind her and hugged her. Just as she was about to resist, he whispered in his ear, 'Kiss baby, who are you waiting for?' As soon as she heard the familiar voice, Ollie's body immediately softened. She looked back and saw that it was the person she had been thinking about day and night. She turned around and hugged Wang Tian tightly: "Wait for my brother Tian, my best brother Tian." It was only a few days, and in the last few days we met every day from the contact device, but how could it compare with the appearance of a living person around us? Tears of missing immediately came out. Don't cry. I haven't seen you like this for a few days. If I go out for a year, won't you cry to death? Wang Tian endured being moved and teased. If brother Tian goes out for a year, I will wait for a year. If he goes out for ten years, I will wait for ten years. If he goes out for a lifetime, I will have to wait for a lifetime. Always waiting for brother Tian. "Silly girl.". "Wang Tian stroked Ollie's face and said," I'll take you with me wherever I go. Is that all right? " "Well!" Ollie wiped away the tears on her face and smiled again, with a hint of cunning: "This is what brother Tian promised." "Well, you smelly girl, learn to calculate me, ah, see if I don't break your ass today!" "As long as Brother Tian is happy." After lingering for a while, Wang Tian pulled Ollie to several people and said, "These five are my men and will follow me." They were introduced to Ollie, and the two people in the car also mentioned it by the way. After that, she took Ollie to discharge her mother. Wang Tian's choice of organs is the best kind, the operation fee is also the highest, this is natural, medical means is also the fastest and best. Ollie's mother, who was ill at first, has now fully recovered. Ollie looks very much like her mother, and it can be seen that she used to be a beauty, but the hardship and hardship of life made her grow old too early, which made Wang Tian's heart full of hope for Yan Dan: I can't live for a few decades, and a beauty like Ollie will become such a bad look, which is really a big loss. Ollie's mother was willing to see her daughter find such a man, and she thought it was the best result to see her daughter's happy face and the Baron's love for her. Whether a commoner can rely on an aristocrat or a young aristocrat who is good to her, this kind of thing can only appear in books. His daughter can climb such a thing, the mother's heart like drinking honey, if can give birth to a boy and a girl, the status will be completely different. Wang Tian did not know what she was thinking, chatted a few words, after completing the formalities, a group of people walked out of the hospital. Wang Tian also took time to go to the place where the gene modification liquid was injected, and went to buy dozens of gene needles. Of course,Time Delay Tap, it was the kind of one million needles, but Lilu didn't use such a good thing. These were also prepared for them. Maybe there will be more people in the future. It's always good to prepare more. After getting on the bus, Dipper and the four people were arranged to another car. Ollie's mother had a car alone. Wang Tian took Ollie and got into the first one. cnkexin.com