Soon, Su's mother also called, but she called Qin Zhi. Qin Zhi changed his posture, hugged Su Wan's waist to make her more comfortable, and dared not neglect to answer the phone, but his mother-in-law was really not as simple as the surface. Chi? A slow female voice came from the other end of the phone. Mom "Has the matter been settled?" Mother Su didn't ask what was going on. It was just that someone was jealous. Women always lose their minds when they fall into jealousy. Well, it's solved. Qin Zhi did not explain what will not be the next time, he and Su mother is actually a bit similar, two people are not used to explaining anything to people other than their lover. Uh …… Su Wan blinked, stuffed a fruit into her mouth, and asked Mengmeng into the microphone, "Mom, what are you talking about?"? Why don't you talk to me? Obviously, Qin's mother is talking to her! "Tell you what?" Mother Su's voice seemed a little casual, "Ah Zhi will help you deal with it anyway." When she was a child, her stupid daughter's menarche was taken care of by Qin Zhi. Also right, "Su Wan nodded, in her memory Ah Zhi has been in, she really need not worry about anything!"! Anyway, they will never be separated. Mother Qin: Hehe. Isn't it? When holding Su Wan did not let go of a fart! Why didn't Sue's father beat him to death? Chapter 45 greasy and crooked couplets. Time passed quickly, and it was the end of the year in a twinkling of an eye. Young master, young madam ~ "Qin Bo smiled and shouted, and his kind eyes were full of love." Uncle Chin! Long time no see ~ "Su Wan eyes curved into two crescent, and Qin Zhi said hello together.". Qin Bo's family has been the housekeeper of the family for generations,stainless steel toilet, and it is not too much to say that they are relatives. Mom, we're home! "Su Wan stood smiling, showing two dimples to the family sitting on the sofa inside." Good, good ~ "Qin Zhi patted Su Wan's head, a little bit gently wrapped Su Wan into the appearance of rice dumplings to save.". Take the plush scarf and hang it on the hanger next to it. Coming? Qin's father and Qin's eldest brother are both people who talk very little, and their faces are only slightly soft when they come over. But there was a lot of concern in his eyes. Well, why is Big Brother back so early? Qin Zhi's face also has a little soft meaning. Looking at his son holding Su Wan's little hand, there is a big sofa not to do, and Su Wan must squeeze into a small sofa,Self-closing Faucet, eager to grow to his wife's body, Qin mother rolled her eyes, "Wan Wan you came really early, just had lunch." I've had my early lunch. Really Su Wan blinked, smiled with great satisfaction, and said with a sense of pride to Qin Zhi, "Ah Zhi is considerate of you!"! A Zhi said too early, mom hasn't got up yet, you will be angry. Her Ah Chi is so considerate! Qin mother took a breath, considerate of her a ghost! She's never slept in! She indignantly patted Qin's father with a dignified face, "Look at your good son!" This son was never raised for himself! Father Qin's eyebrows flashed a trace of helplessness, "Well, my son!" Qin eldest brother picked up the teacup and took a sip, his eyes full of funny looking at the interaction of his family. Between the family does not say two words, the feelings between the Qin family has been very good, even if Qin Zhi and Su Wan married, two people still prefer to go back to the old house for the New Year. It was very lively, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and it was very warm for the family to talk and laugh. When Su Wan and Qin Zhi arrived, the Qin family was all together. Qin Zhi placed Su Wan on the sofa, told a few words, ready to go out and Qin eldest brother to paste couplets. Su Wan took his hand and shook it. Her eyes were shining. "Ah Zhi, I want to go, too." "No ~" Qin Zhi stagnated, forcing himself to look away from her expectant eyes, "what if I touch you? Baby, just sit here, okay? "No," Su Wan beeped, "you can't touch it! And didn't mom say that you should exercise properly during pregnancy? Isn't that right, Mom? She blinked and pulled Qin's mother's hand expectantly. Since she was pregnant, Ah Chi has been very strict with her. She really wants to paste couplets. Qin mother rolled her eyes, but in this kind of eyes, the mouth or involuntarily expressed support, "proper exercise is still necessary, go to the post bar, be careful at home." Then he could not help shutting his mouth with chagrin. Qin's father gave her a funny look. This arrogant temper! "Well," Su Wan looked at Qin Zhi or some hesitation, she raised her head and kissed Qin Zhi's lips, coquettish to, "and I want to look at you!" Qin Zhi stagnated, this reason. Looked at her sparkling eyes, helpless sigh of relief, hook hook Su Wan's small nose, "naughty!"! Then promise me to be careful later. "Well," Su Wan was obviously very happy, "Ah Zhi is the best!" She showed two small dimples, smiled at Qin's mother, and took Qin's hand and walked out happily. Qin eldest brother and Qin father looked at each other, both saw helplessness in each other's eyes. This greasy little couple! Qin eldest brother had to pull Qin father began to paste the house, no way, the Qin family like to do their own, but a lot of houses, the two young couples. Don't expect too much. There are two flowers, one for each table. Besides, Qin Zhi and Su Wan are here. How's it going Qin Zhi held up the couplet written by Qin's father and son. In previous years, he also wrote, but this year he came a little late. No, no, no! Move to the right! "So?" Su Wan bit her lip and thought for a moment, "No, to the left!"! A little "So?" "Yes, yes!"! Come back a little more! Su Wan pouted, why is it so hard to stick? Qin Zhi turned his back to Su Wan, smiled silently, and a smile flashed through his eyes. A little more to the left.. Stop, stop, stop, this is it! Very not easy to paste, Su Wan looked at the neat couplet, feel as if to win a battle,Time Delay Faucet, a great sense of satisfaction arises spontaneously, which makes her not hesitate to kiss Qin Zhi's cheek, "Ah Zhi!"! You are great! 。