And with this deep awe, Xiao Lan gently opened the portal to leave, pulling the same solemn face of Flora back to the upper interface-the real world, or the world of Nightmare on Elm Street 7. -Here. They're just outsiders. As soon as they stepped out of their dream world and returned to the ward, the scriptwriter Wes, who came to visit as usual, heard an incredible voice. Wes.. There should be no consciousness before that. The man in the hospital bed called his name. Ace!? Are you sober..? “…… Mmm. I had a dream. A hazy voice. But. The voice was very-very warm in his ears. Dream, right..? It was like an inquiring voice, and Wes endured his excitement. Because the patient's consciousness is incomplete. If you don't ask in this way, you may fall into darkness again. But the situation is not so bad, the patient's spirit is getting better and better, although there is still some confusion in the feeling, "Well, a long dream.". Unseen, valuable experience. And it wasn't just him, it was Caroline on the other side-she opened her eyes as well. Is it really a dream? When the doctors and nurses began to run up and down in a hurry, doing tests and informing the relevant people,14 needle valve, her eyes were only fixed on the empty void. There, where the human eye could not see and the machine could not capture, she saw. Smiling away, the knight in the dream, the hero who saved the world.. On the other side of the world, their story will continue. This is the end. The warmth in my heart and the moist drops of water from the corners of my eyes all declare the truth of this dream. Legend has it that dreams are things you can see when you wake up if you have a strong yearning. Not different dreams,14 tube fitting, but as long as you close your eyes, you will see the same thing. So she closed her eyes gently and murmured her prayer. I really want to see your future. Whispering voices ride the wind. Falling into the distant figure is like sinking into the endless blue. The continuation of the dream. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter 564 the return of the heart without loss: the choice of time jump. When seeing Evans and Caroline this unconscious two people really wake up, Xiao LAN and Flora also put down the last trace of concern in this world. When the strength reaches their level, the general exercise has no meaning. The real key lies more in the understanding of "meaning", the pursuit of breakthroughs in soul, consciousness and soul, touching the rules of world operation with one's own will, opening up a reality that absolutely belongs to oneself in the present world, and achieving miracles that may not be touched no matter how much manpower and time are spent. Xiao Lan's forbidden sword that changes the passage of time, summons parallel existence and looks directly at the "eye" of the damaged point, the boundless blade that his body has to separate dimensions, boundaries and even realms, tube fitting manufacturer ,brass tube fitting, the spear of Gebelga that Kuchulin throws through his heart, or the sword of victory that gathers the light of the stars to cut off everything.. It looks like a weapon, but it's essentially a skill, a materialized miracle. Whether it is the magic weapon of the legendary cultivator or the treasure forged by faith held by heroes, there is no difference in equipment and skills above AA level, and most of them are not real entities, but materialized with the wishes of their masters. Although there is a bug-like place in the space of the main God, both skills and equipment can be directly exchanged, parallel existence, dimensional fragmentation, time control, reversal of cause and effect, and even more powerful abilities can be directly exchanged, but that is ultimately the "Tao" of others and the "meaning" of others. If you want to wield all their true power, you must turn them into your own "Tao" and your own "meaning". Whether it is inheritance or absorption. To achieve this, we must have a firm belief and a mind without confusion. Too much scruple, too much thinking, at this level is a burden, the most important thing is the spirit and soul. The competition is whose spirit is more concentrated and whose soul can burn its own power more thoroughly. So after the exact end of this period of cause and effect, whether Xiao LAN or flora is a moment of relief, with the dead planet before the heavy have dissipated a lot, although the strength of what is not immediate growth, but at least will not be these things tied to their way forward, and they are in this state until the return of the main God. It's like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it is such a feeling that he is completely different when he enters and returns. But compared to his own feelings, the other people who stayed in the space of the main God were really shocked, because one second Xiao Lan accepted the blessing and assistance of the people, a face of wind Xiao Xi Yi Shuihan disappeared in front of them, the next second has reappeared in front of them, along with a beautiful woman wearing silver armor, with a dazzling gold like the sun. But at this moment, the eyes of the public only stayed on the body of this beautiful woman for a moment, the next moment all focused on whether the appearance or temperament has been born to subvert the surname change of Xiao LAN. The original head was short and long to the waist, the silver silk fell like a waterfall behind him, and with the more white and delicate face like jade, it looked like a symbol of beauty at first glance, but it was covered with a simple, ancient, unremarkable coat or armor with no special shape. Only when you concentrate and look carefully can you feel the truth hidden below. It is like a bottomless black hole. Whether it is the sword of attack, the touch of spirit,38 needle valve, or even the gaze of the eyes, everything will fall into the void without any response. It is like maintaining the static force of absolute defense under this layer of armor all the time. And after the instant entry and return, his temperament has become completely different.