Jumping out of the truck, the water immediately splashed on his calf. Yao An rushed to the intersection ahead to take a taxi and waved goodbye to his uncle. The drizzling rain could not be blocked. Yao An stood half-ringing at the intersection, staring at the endless flow of vehicles coming and going, and his arms were numb. Another red light changed color. Yao An slowly put down his arm and stared down at the flooded road. The stream converged into the drainage ditch. The dead branches and rotten leaves and http://WWW.SHUBAO2.cOM/class12/1.html garbage were washed together and forced to fall into the dark underground. She finally calmed down, frowning and hesitating. Jiang Na asked her Xu Ying's whereabouts, Shen Lun also asked her Xu Ying's whereabouts, all people are not clear about the whereabouts, only she knows. No matter what role Xu Ying played in it, she was only sure that her present location was safe, and since it was safe, there was no need for her to break the barrier. Once again, he raised his arm to stop the car, and Yao An went home. Jiang Na followed him again, strangely returning to the highway route. It was not until the taxi arrived near Yao An's home that he angrily smashed the steering wheel. He stared at Yao An, who got off with an umbrella, and gnashed his teeth. He smiled helplessly and sighed in a low voice: "Smelly girl, it's not obedient to me at all!" The author has something to say: It's so late. I'm so busy. I'll update it very early tomorrow! By the way, I'm afraid the child will ask again. Explain. Sister Yao has always been a little young. She has a little cleverness, but she is often irrational. For example, she can solve the problem of being charged protection money for transportation,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, and the problem of her neighbor's old man looking for the traffic police. But when her father and aunt had an accident, she immediately shouted to call the police. After all, she was still young, so now she was hit. It was hard to avoid jumping out of the window impulsively to ask what was going on, but when she calmed down, it was all right immediately. Brother Na has always invested more than Sister Yao. He knows Sister Yao, but in the end he miscalculated. In addition,aluminium coated tubes, Yao sister fled without fear, but also because the subconscious is clear that the elder brother likes himself, the elder brother should be no danger, so she is not afraid to take the elder brother accounts, but she wants to protect Xu Ying, no matter whether the brother is good or bad, she will not let Xu Ying risk. 25 Expeditions Jiang Na miscalculated after all, the heavy rain is still continuous, the gale will blow the rain curtain slanting, like a pair of invisible giant hands lifting a string of water curtain, the roof of the car "crackling" singing. He leaned down with a frown, tapped the steering wheel, and thought again. Yao An's temperament attaches great importance to his relatives and protects his shortcomings. No matter how long Jiang Na grinds, she may not open her mouth. She takes a risk but fails. But at least he thought hard for months of doubts finally here, Precision Welded pipes ,stainless steel tube 304, Xu Ying is the key, he must pull her out. But Yao An lied to go to Nanjiang, Xu Ying must be in Nanjiang. Hand movement, he suddenly remembered a long time ago to see Yao An in front of the main juice building to send express, he took a distant glance in the back, the address bar of a long string of handwriting, he only saw the words like "Nanjiang a certain drug rehabilitation center", but other information did not see clearly. Chiang frowned again, and although he felt strange at the time, he turned around and didn't think much about it. Now that he saw the instant coffee in Yao An's bag, could he speculate that the coffee belonged to Xu Ying, or that Xu Ying (novel http://WWW.SHUBAO2.cOM/class12/1.html Xu) was addicted to drugs? When Yao An returned home, the umbrella dripped water all over the floor. Yao's mother took the umbrella and put it in the washbasin in the bathroom. She called Yao An to take a bath quickly: "What are you going to do when you go home in the rain? Don't catch a cold." Yao An took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. Yao's mother asked her in the living room, "Didn't Teacher Xu let you stay in Nanjiang?" Yao An was a little tired and was too lazy to take a bath. He picked up the shower and said helplessly, "Mom, why does she want me to stay in Nanjiang?" Mother Yao murmured, "Only by staying in Nanjiang can we have a bright future and marry well in the future." This did not dare to say in front of Yao An. Out of the shower, Yao An took out his clothes from his backpack and squatted in the bathroom to wash them. Yao Yanjin brought a piece of watermelon to feed Yao An. Yao An pushed her a few times, but she had to bite two bites. Yao Yanjin smiled and asked her curiously what she had played in Nanjiang these days. After drying the clothes, the two sisters were still chatting. Yao An said with a smile, "It must be comfortable at home. Everything outside is not convenient. Don't think about going out all day. Get along well with Tao Zhi first." Yao Yanjin curled her lips and muttered in a low voice: "He is too stupid. I don't like him." Yao An frowned and was about to open his mouth when Yao Yanjin turned out the instant coffee in Yao An's backpack and said greedily, "I want to drink this!" Yao An grabbed it. "This is not drinkable. It's not mine. If you want to drink it, I'll buy it for you tomorrow." She had wanted to hide the coffee at home, so it would be better to hide it close to her body. Yao An stuffed the instant coffee into the sandwich of the small bag. Seeing that Yao Yanjin was a little unhappy, he laughed and coaxed her to buy her delicious food tomorrow. The living room put out the light, Yao An finally took off the mask of forced smile and lay on the bed feebly. The light of the small desk lamp is dazzling. The bulb has been used for many years. I don't know how long it will last. Maybe one day it will burst suddenly. Yao An turned off the lamp and hid the darkness. The screen window bulged into the room, the rain had disappeared, the gale was blowing at the moment, and the fallen leaves and withered branches were rustling, as if it was late autumn. She blinked hard, forcing back the inexplicable steam, and lifted the blanket to cover her head. Outside the bedroom wall was an open space overgrown with weeds, a steep slope blocked the opposite ditch, and two or three big trees had stood here for decades, lush and luxuriant. The night was starless and moonless, a little light flickered in the dark, the wind was getting stronger and stronger, and the ash was falling under the light. Jiang Na leaned against the window and puffed, staring at the man at the foot of the bed, his little body arched in the blanket seemed to tremble, which made him feel distressed. He sighed softly and took another hard puff of his cigarette, the butt of which had burned his fingers, and he was unaware of the pain. Endure and endure, he finally restrained himself,stainless steel 304 pipes, turned around and left quickly, but began to hesitate in his heart, whether to stubbornly go to find Xu Ying. cbiesautomotive.com