"That's exactly what I want to ask you about," said Tu Feng. Mongolia and Jin were at war. Since Yang Tianlei was a great master of Jin, why did his disciples handle the case together with Mongolian lamas? "Miss," said Xixia Wutu in a low voice, "it's a good thing you asked me. This is a secret that outsiders will never know." Tu Feng applied a handful of Jinchuang medicine to him and said with a smile, "Can you tell me?" "Miss," said Wu Tu of the Western Xia, "you have treated me so well. How dare I hide it. Yang Tianlei is a guy who sees the wind at the helm. Now Mongolia is powerful. Yang Tianlei has already had contacts with Zhe Bie in the dark. He is going to be an insider in Jinjing when the Mongolian army is at the gate. "I see," said Tu Feng. But you are also with them. Are you also going to be an insider of Mongolia in the Western Xia? The warrior of the Western Xia Dynasty blushed and said, "a good bird chooses a tree to live in, and a loyal minister chooses a master to serve.". I can't get ahead in the Western Xia. This, this is also a matter of necessity. Li Sinan's heart moved and he said, "Is it true that the Mongolian army is going to move to the west and attack your country first?" Xixia Wutu was taken aback and said, "Do you know, Mr. Li?" In fact, Li Sinan was not aware of the Mongolian military plan because of the Mongolian stationing troops at Longshadui and judging from the military situation. As expected, his words were confirmed by the words of the Western Xia Wutu. Tu Feng said with a sneer, "So you are also betraying your country for glory. You and Yang Tianlei are birds of a feather." "Miss, you said you would spare my life," the Western Xia warrior exclaimed. "I just want you to tell the truth," said Tu Feng. "How many times have I promised to spare your life? Others can be forgiven, but traitors must not be forgiven! With one stroke of his sword,side impact beams, he immediately nailed the Xixia warrior to the ground. She was startled by Yang Wan, who thought to herself, "a girl with such a handsome appearance, I didn't expect to kill people without blinking an eye.". However, although her methods are ruthless, they are also deeply enjoyable. You should know that Yang Wan's family background is different from Tu Feng's and Meng Mingxia's, and her temperament is naturally different. Therefore, although she was attracted by their feminine temperament and could not help admiring them,beam impact tubes, she always felt that she was not the same kind as them, if not out of place, but never in harmony with them. By contrast, Li Sinan is much more harmonious with them. Yang Wan suddenly had a strange feeling that she was standing between Li Sinan and Meng Mingxia, just like an "outsider". Although Li Sinan said more to her than to Meng Mingxia. Before he knew it, the east had come to light. Li Sinan said, "If Mongolia moves westward, the Western Xia will become a battlefield. It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. I think you should go back as soon as possible." Meng Mingxia said, "We have to wait for Mr. and Mrs. Song Tielun to meet us from Mongolia. You can go back first." Yang Wan said, "We are not short of a few days. We have a companion. Brother Nan, what do you mean?" Before Li Sinan answered, Meng Mingxia said first, "We may have to meet some people in the underworld. You are not Taoist people. I'm afraid you are somewhat taboo.". And the right Tartar is also chasing Sinan, you really don't have to delay for us. I think it's better for you to go back first. It turned out that Meng Mingxia was afraid that Yang Wan was suspicious, so she was unwilling to go with them. Since Meng Mingxia said so, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, Yang Wan could not insist, so she said, "Well, let's go first. I hope we can see each other again when we return to the Central Plains." When Li Sinan and Yang Wan left Butterfly Valley, they had to talk about Meng Mingxia. Li Sinan said with a smile, "Sister Wan, can you rest assured?"? Meng Mingxia treats you and me the same. If you look at her attitude, you can see that she doesn't have any opinions about men and women at all, let alone any personal feelings. Yang Wan said angrily, "When have I ever been worried?"? If your heart is not for me, there is no way to tie you to the skirt. Yes, Meng Mingxia is really generous. She is a woman and a female hero. No wonder you praise her. But you shouldn't think of me as a suspicious, jealous, narrow-minded woman! Li Sinan said with a wry smile, "I just said a word casually, but where did you think of it?"? All right, but you can rest assured that we don't have to talk about her. Yang Wan thought to herself, "You're afraid to talk to me about her, so you can't forget her.". "Yang Wan did not want this unpleasant atmosphere to continue, so after listening to Li Sinan's words, she stopped mentioning Meng Mingxia.". But although she did not mention it, Meng Mingxia's shadow on her heart could not be eliminated. With their own concerns in mind, the two men rode forward. Their horses were so fast that they had only gone two miles and were close to the border between the Jin and the Western Xia. As he was walking that day, he suddenly saw the dust rising and a large group of refugees, old and young, receding from the front like the tide. Surprised, Li Sinan stopped a refugee and asked, "What happened up ahead?" "Go, go," said the refugee! The Mongolian Tartars have come in! Li Sinan had long known that the Mongol army had moved westward, but this surprise soldier came in from the back door of the Western Xia Dynasty so quickly that it was beyond his expectation. "What should I do?" Asked Yang Wan? Our horses are fast, and if we can find a way, we can avoid the Mongolian army. Li Sinan said, "The situation is so chaotic that it is very difficult to find out the actual situation. It is too dangerous to move forward, so we have to go back."! Find a place to hide first. In the twinkling of an eye, the road was crowded with refugees, riding horses in the crowd, not much faster than pedestrians. As soon as Li Sinan saw that this was not the way, he had no choice but to ask Yang Wan to leave the main road and flee to the barren hills. Before he could squeeze out the crowd, the routed army of the Western Xia came in like a tide. The routed troops ran for their lives, ignoring the lives of the people. Those on horseback rushed to the crowd. Countless women and children were trampled black and blue under the iron hoof, crying loudly. Those who lost their horses also used their swords and spears to break up the crowd and fled. Many people who could not escape were also killed by the swords and spears of the mutinous soldiers. Li Sinan sighed with anger and emotion, saying to himself, "Such a soldier fears the enemy like a tiger and flees on the lookout, but treats his own people like a wolf and tramples on them wantonly. What kind of war can he fight?"? No wonder the Mongol soldiers were able to defeat more with less and drive straight in. Before they had finished thinking about it, a small group of routed soldiers rushed toward them, shouting one after another: "I want a mount," "a man can be a master,side impact door beams," and "If you want a mount, leave the woman to me!" We haven't got it yet, but we have already agreed to divide the spoils. cbiesautomotive.com