"I'll help you every year." Shen Zijia's voice is a little green and astringent, tender but unexpectedly pleasant to listen to. When he grows up, he must be a man who brings disaster to the country and the people. But I remember that the old people also said that most of the good-looking people when they were young grew up ugly. Shen Zijia and Fang Jin are obviously well-known in this school. I heard some students who had not left saying something, but I was too lazy to be reasonable. After Shen Zijia and Fang Jin came over, they picked up all my new textbooks one by one. Shen Zijia asked me, "Every year, have everything been sorted out?" I nodded my head cleverly. Well, it's really awkward to call a teenager a brother. I'm actually nearly 30 years old. Qian Yi put all his things on my desk and smiled at the people beside me, "Haha, the monitor, you should help me more in the future." When I gave up my seat and walked over, Shen Zijia was sitting beside Lin Xiaoxiao. He carefully tidied up my things and put them back in the desk. After that, he stood up and said, "Every year, go home for lunch together." Mom, I'm home. I saw Shen Zijia and Fang Jin carrying small schoolbags. After thinking about it, I grabbed my schoolbag and was about to carry it on my shoulder. Shen Zijia took it over. "Fang Jin is strong. He helps you carry it." He handed my schoolbag to Fang Jin, regardless of Fang Jin's wrinkled face, and took me by the hand, "Let's go home." Fang Jin mumbled something, I did not hear clearly, but the face still can not help but red, was only a young teeth blush, I am really worthless ah! After walking out of the classroom, I carefully wrote down the way Shen Zijia took me. I walked around the playground and turned the flower bed. I found that the school was much better than the XXX primary school I stayed in when I was a child. When I got to the school gate, I saw a few big characters written on the school gate and XXX written on the side. I stayed for a while. No wonder, the school for the children of cadres? But in this way, not only Chen Haoyi or Shen Zijia or Fang Jin beside me, but also my family should be good. Home is not far from the school, walked about ten minutes, we entered a community, there is a guard standing at the door, I looked up at the gate of the big characters, a certain military compound, I was a little nervous, Shen Zijia is firmly holding my hand, directly into the inside. Fang Jin grabbed my schoolbag all the way, but he was a noisy person. Shen Zijia introduced me to Fang Jin, saying that I was the family that had just moved here. Uncle Jing and Aunt Jing called me very sweetly. Before crossing, I didn't have the status of a senior cadre. My parents were ordinary small businessmen, and the family had enough food and clothing. Suddenly a little panic, Shen Zijia's uncle and aunt Jing are just strangers to me, I have my own parents, how can I call other people's parents casually? As if aware of my panic, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet containers, Shen Zijia stopped, "Nian Nian, what's wrong?" There was some resistance in my heart, but I didn't dare to say anything. I shook my head. "It's all right." Not long after entering the courtyard, Fang Jin's family arrived. It was an independent courtyard. Green plants climbed out from the other end of the wall. Fang Jin threw his schoolbag to Shen Zijia and said, "Call me when you leave." He went into the yard. I was left with Shen Zijia, almost a small courtyard. Shen Zijia took my hand and pushed the door open and went in. I glanced at the door number, No.19. Aunt Jing, school is over every year. ” Shen Zijia finally let go of my hand, but the schoolbag was still in his hand, the yard was a little messy, and there were some things piled up in the corner of the yard. It was a two-story building. I heard a little noise coming from inside. After a while, the door was recommended from inside. I watched a young woman in a white dress come out of it. The sun shone on her mouth with a gentle smile. "Come back every year?"? Do you like the new school? The woman crouched in front of me, touched my little face, smiled into a crescent moon, I suddenly wanted to cry, no matter whether others would feel strange, suddenly hugged the woman in front of me, trembled and called out, "Mom.." Before crossing, my mother died in a car accident when I was in the second grade of junior high school. Since then, my father and I have pretended to be very happy, very happy, but in the end we still can't deceive ourselves. I miss my mother. When I am wronged, I see other daughters are held by their mothers, but I can't find anyone. That kind of discomfort, I can't say clearly. And now, the person in front of me is my mother in my memory, but she is younger and more gentle than my mother. Mother obviously felt a little strange, patted me on the shoulder, unexpectedly found me crying, mother was a little anxious, "every year in school is not good ah?"? Be good every year and tell your mother. Unfortunately, I clung to my mother's neck and refused to let go. My mother had to squat around me and nodded to Shen Zijia beside me. "Look at this little girl. She must be afraid of living in a different place. Zijia, thank you for bringing her back every year. Aunt cooked braised pork in brown sauce and ate at aunt's house at noon, OK?" Only then did I remember that there was still a pestle on the side. My face was hot and I loosened my mother's neck, but my hand was pulling my mother's arm. My mother was ashamed of my nose. I was embarrassed to beep my mouth. Shen Zijia smiled on the side. "Thank you, aunt. Next time, I will go home first. This is the schoolbag every year." After Shen Zijia politely said goodbye to her mother and me and left the courtyard, her mother took me by the hand and went home with a small schoolbag in the other hand. "Every year, how can I be red-eyed?"? Didn't you promise your mother that you would go to the new school obediently? I shook my mother's hand, my nose was a little stuffy, "Mom, I'm hungry.." Dad is still the same one. I think, I am really lonely for too long, this may be heard that people will feel affectation, but my mother left that year I was only a teenager, although my father is also good to me,collapsible bulk containers, but the heart is always missing somewhere, so, it is also lonely. binpallet.com