The battle with the Black Moon Fairy, if you can pass, the Chu family can maintain the status quo. If not, if Chu is defeated, then the Chu family is bound to decline, most likely to suffer a disastrous decline, be looked down upon, no one to join, weaker and weaker, and eventually the members of the Chu family become cannon fodder in the chaos of the five regions. My Lord, with so many people going, how can we guard our territory? Qiu Laowu asked. As soon as Chu Du threw his sleeve, he said freely, "It doesn't matter.". How many of the resources we have are really valuable? As for the base camp, it really needs a bewitching fairy to guard it, so let's draw lots to decide. Although the Chu family was established, the number of resource points under its control was small and the quality was poor, so it was difficult to develop because of the lack of resources. In this way, the election of individual hapless stay, Chu degree with almost all the Chu family magic fairy, out in full force, many people to the land of the war. Chu Du is not in a hurry, all the way slowly forward. Along the way, the immortals of the Golden Tribe appeared and joined Chu Du's team one after another. Although these bewitching immortals secretly exclude the Chu family and the Hundred Foot family on weekdays, they are in the same camp in the face of the Black Moon Fairy and others. Naturally, they all stand on the side of Chu Du. Halfway through,plastic pallet bins, the Lord of Heaven appeared. Chu Du really breathed a sigh of relief. Verse 237: Blood Sea Fen Shen Although it was only a doppelganger of the hundred-foot heavenly king, it was eight turns after all, and all the immortals hurried to worship and see him. Chu Du is quite satisfied. Although Baizu Tianjun did not come to sweep the array for him in person, Chu Du knew that Baizu Tianjun had a wonderful means to change the position between Fen Shen and the body in an instant. Therefore, there is almost no difference between having this Fen Shen and having a hundred feet in person. At this critical moment, for Chu Du, that is, Baizu Tianjun can be reliable. Baizu Tianjun has always paid great attention to the battle between Chu Du and the Black Moon Fairy. After all, immortality is in the sky,plastic pallet crates, surrounded by golden tribes, and the two families, the Hundred Foot Family and the Chu Family, hold together to keep warm. It's just that he does have an important thing to do at this time. The only one who can summon him is the immortal heaven. At present, Baizu Tianjun is in Changsheng Tianzhong, beside which is the contemporary immortal medicine emperor of Changsheng Tiannanhuang. Seeing that Baizu Tianjun was slightly absent-minded, the Medicine Emperor knew it clearly in his heart. He said with a smile, "Baizu Xianyou, which one will be the final winner in the battle between Chu Du and Black Moon?" Baizu Tianjun pulled back his mind and said with a wry smile, "From my personal point of view, of course I hope Chu Du Xianyou can win a great victory.". However, the Black Moon Fairy is no small matter, and its strength is unpredictable. This must be a battle of dragons and tigers! "That's what Lord Hundred Foot said." "The strength of the two fellow practitioners, one who has been famous for a long time and the other who has risen to fame, is really too close to call. Only by having a real contest can the winner be decided." "The Black Moon Fairy seems to have inherited the true biography of Kuangman, and her strength and attainments are no small matter." "But in my opinion, Chu Du Xianyou wins a little more.". After all, he was a legend who once forced the whole Liu family! As soon as this remark was made, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet bin, immediately there was a cold hum from the bewitching immortal of the Liu family, with an unhappy expression. At the side of Baizu Tianjun and Yao Huang, a large number of bewitching immortals gathered at the moment, all from various golden tribes. The bewitching immortals talked for a while. Then the Master of the Five Elements flew over and said, "Well, the big battle array has been formed. Please join the battle array." In front of the immortals, a large array has been arranged. The beautiful lines of blood can be seen everywhere. The immortals of the golden family stopped talking and joined the battle one after another, including the black immortals led by the Lord of Heaven. Soon, only Baizu Tianjun and Yao Huang were left on the edge of the big array. The medicine emperor looked at the big array and suddenly said, "If Chu Du wins, it's all right. If he loses, I'm afraid the Black Moon is really going to rise.". Baizu Xianyou, can you secretly support Chu Du Xianyou? Baizu Tianjun shook his head and said, "To tell you the truth, I once proposed to him, but he refused.". He just wants to use his strength to meet the battle. In his mind, this battle of strength has an unusual significance. The medicine emperor hesitated and smiled in his heart: "Chu Du will be defeated, and he will certainly be defeated.". Black Loulan has been cultivated by ancestors, superior strength, and efforts to help practice, cultivation, killing and so on have made rapid progress. Chu Du, on the other hand, his information has long been known to the black Loulan. Black Loulan this victory, will become a leading figure in the world of bewitching immortals in the North Plain, and every move in the future will be the vane of casual cultivation and magic immortals. ” Just then, the sky suddenly changed and the alarm bell rang! This is the agreed signal! "How could it be so early?" The medicine emperor's face suddenly changed greatly and he shouted, "Start the big array quickly!" There was no need for him to remind him that the Five Elements Division, which presided over the big array, had already launched the big array. The roar of the big array and the blood shine. In the big array, the bewitching immortals in the eyes of each array trembled slightly, their faces twisted, and the blood in their bodies was extracted in large quantities. At the same time, their strength and cultivation declined rapidly. This big array, impressively is a blood way eight turn immortal array! Blood immortal array condensed a mysterious force, quickly disappeared in the big array, passed to the mysterious place. At this very moment. On the ninth floor of the Mad Devil's Cave, the stars are in the chessboard. Xingxiu Xian Zunshi shows a fatal blow! Whew. Juyangxian, who was seriously injured and dying, suddenly burned with a blood-red flame. In the immortal orifices of Juyang Immortal, countless bewitching insects shine brightly, circling and flying around, forming a killing move, which leads to the divine power of blood from Changshengtian! Among them, kinship bewitching is the first core of the main body, and the imitation bewitching is close to kinship bewitching. At this time, the imitation has changed into a blood bone, acting as the second core. The divine power of the blood path quickly spread to the whole body of the giant Yang immortal stiff, and the originally cold immortal stiff black blood, like boiling water, bubbled violently. A touch of golden awn blooms from the black blood, and immediately the golden awn spreads like running water. After a few breaths, the blood of Juyangxian's whole body turned golden. His skin, shriveled like the black bark of a withered tree, quickly filled and regained its white luster. A head of needle-like hair grows rapidly and spreads to both shoulders. His pupils were dull at first, but now his eyes were bright and golden. His whole person also began to pull up, originally slightly bent,ibc spill pallet, now hold his head high, muscle heart hair, into a nine-foot middle-aged strong man. Boom!.