Most players in Lost Ark are immersed in intense combat and sometimes forget something cute. And these things will provide players with a lot of benefits. Players can spend Lost Ark Gold as needed to get the items they want.

Vertus, the powerful dragon-like boss of the challenging Guardian Raid in Lost Ark, is now available as an adorable pet that accompanies players throughout their Arkesia adventures. The Vertus Pet is available in four different colors including Light Blue Vertoro, Gold Vertori, Dark Blue Vertorang and Purple Vertora. Besides their stunning designs, these little dragons come with their own unique animations that make them stand out from other pets. To get the Vertus pet in The Lost Ark, Companion Collectors will need to take part in the game’s recently debuted Battle Pass system, the Ark Pass.

To unlock the Vertus pet in The Lost Ark, adventurers must reach level 30 on the Premium Rewards track. The Premium Ark Pass requires 1,500 Royal Crystals, which is about $15, and can jump up to level 5 on the Battle Pass. Once players have the Premium Edition and reach level 30, they will receive the Vertus Pet Selection Chest.

Unfortunately, those who decide to only take part in Lost Ark’s Ark Pass free bonus track won’t be able to get the Vertus pet. For those who play the game a lot, the Premium Ark Pass is well worth buying crystals, as the rewards include extra fusion materials, honed leap stones, Lost Ark Gold, and more.

To reach level 30 in the Ark Pass and get the Vertus pet selection chest in Lost Ark, players complete several quests. Regular quests are quests capped at 500 Ark Pass XP per week. Once players have completed enough normal and seasonal quests, they will reach level 30.

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