As the third entry into the Transylvania hotel franchise progresses, young vampire Mevis worries about her father, Dracula. You see, he's not himself lately, and she thinks what she really needs is a break hotel transylvania 3 summer vacation review. A chance to get out of it all and relax. So she started planning a way to make that happen.

Mavis was half right.

Old Drake struggled a little. But not overworked. No, Dracula has been feeling a little... lonely ever since Mavis, dad's apple, married Johnny and had little Dennis. The longtime widower is full of love, though he told Mevis, "True love (true love) only happens once in a lifetime. You have to appreciate it."

Various shenanigans happen during the cruise, but the franchise's main message remains strong: love those who are different, and don't be afraid of those differences. It's our differences that make us special and make the world great. This is a very timely and sweet share of information.

Hotel Transylvania 3 is also interesting. In particular, I love a great gag that pays off at the end, but also a lot of little jokes that work. It's not too different from the humor in the rest of the series, though, so if you don't laugh at them, you probably won't laugh at this one.

That said, I prefer Hotel Transylvania 2 because I feel like the movie doesn't use its cast well. A character like Eunice (Fran Drescher) barely got a line in the second film, and luckily she has a lot more to do in the third film, like all characters.

I also think most of the animation is great. It has a hybrid 2D/3D feel that I love. I especially love the long scene of their diving, every time you see the ship sparkling in the distance.

From the very beginning, the "Hotel Transylvania" series embraced the "nicecore" philosophy as Dracula overcame centuries of hatred and prejudice against humans who murdered his wife. Initially, this led him to accept Mavis' love for Johnny (Andy Samberg), but throughout the series, Dracula and those around him opt for tolerance, empathy when it comes to humans heart and understanding. In the second film, Dracula's father, Vlad (Mel Brooks), learns this lesson, and he is again the main character of "Summer Vacation."

Of course, this recurring theme means that Hotel Transylvania 3's plot is predictable, but that's not really the focus of the film. Filled with hilarious laughter, truly stunning animation, and some of the series' most iconic dance sequences, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is a summer treat to savor and remind us that if We can see the differences between us and we'll see that we're not that different after all.