Ghost Rider is just one of the movies that you don't have to take so seriously to like it. This movie is almost the same as the Blade movie in that Ghost Rider fights the evil that comes from hell, but it's much better than the Blade ghost rider review. Anyway, Nicolas Cage plays the barbaric biker Johnny Blaze. He must trade with Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda) to save his father and instead forget his life and his love, Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes). A few years later, Johnny crosses the road with Mephistopheles again, becoming a ghost rider who is a ferocious bounty hunter in hell, and souls to defeat Mephistopheles' son and enemy Blackheart (Wes Bentley). I threw away. Nicolas Cage did a great job playing Ghost Rider, and of course it's always good to see Eva Mendes on the screen. The only thing I didn't like about this movie was how they decided to put in a villain who turned out to be a simple defeat rather than choosing a more challenging one, but it's also the original It's a movie, so everything is easy to get started, I think. But if they make Ghost Rider 2, I hope there are more challenging villains. Overall, I recommend this movie. I hope they make Ghost Rider 2.

Is the world ready to light Nicolas Cage? After a long series of financial flops, this peculiar actor puts his faith in a cartoon character with a flammable body and an addiction to jelly beans. In "Ghost Rider," Cage was Johnny Blaze, a brave biker who once traded with Mephistopheles (orange-eyed Peter Fonda), and now shoots flames through all his pores and shoots evil demons. You need to hunt down. No wonder he listens to the Carpenters.

But Johnny's castrated musical taste isn't the only problem with "Ghost Rider," a movie that breaks the promise of the first 30 minutes played by charming young actor Matt Long. Allows the movie to unfold around him. This dissociation leaves behind the cast to protect themselves, with no one suffering more than the fascinating Eva Mendes as Johnny's true love, Roxanne. If Mendes finds a director who is willing to allow her to play with her shirt fully buttoned, she can't stop her.

The sequel-ready resolution "Ghost Rider" embodies the franchise's hopes that can be shattered by a more entertaining central figure than scary. As for Mr. Cage, the only thing he should dismiss is his manager.

"Ghost Rider" is rated PG-13 (parents should be very careful). He drives people out of the car, ignites them, and often exceeds the speed limit.