Dunking is a skill that 2K22 MT earns not just two points, but also some pretty scores from spectators as well. You must be skilled in order to know when to pull off the dunk or choose the jump if there's an opponent ahead. Dunks look pretty however the most important thing is to score points.

NBA 2K22 offers players more control than ever before to be sure that they can score however they feel is the best for the moment. Do not attempt a dunk if there is a shot-blocker in the paint, or make an off-hand dunk in situations where the opponent is covering the player's dominant hand while driving.

The practice court and mastering the dunks could be a simple step to ensure you stay ahead of players in NBA 2K22. The techniques to master during the game can be difficult to execute consistently - so getting it right the first time through practice is vital to making sure you're successful over the long run.

There's a selection of dunks available for in NBA 2K22. Feel free to experiment and have fun while winning games. Enjoy and celebrate, especially when you perform an exciting dunk which gives you a mental gain over your opponent.

For a greater chance of hitting the ball instead as attempting a layup ensure you're using the correct stick to execute the moves; this should stop the computer from forcing your player to take a layup.

If you play NBA 2K22, you'll notice that the computer-controlled components lean towards the execution of a layup, or dunk depending on different variables, such as the player, opponent, and nba 2K22 mt buy angle of attacking the paint. The game requires the player who is attacking to make the best shot possible in the situation.