This year's tournament will feature NFL partner prizes, which include Microsoft Surface Pro X tablets along with Madden nfl 22 coins other official League product.

Today, Washington debuted the new name of their football franchise The Commanders. The name change comes updated branding that includes a fresh logo, word mark and uniforms.

We believed that all of this new branding would make an appearance in Madden 23, but we approached EA to confirm. We'll share what one EA Sports representative told us:

The Washington Football Team will be updated with the new Washington Commander nickname, uniforms and logos in Madden NFL 23.

This signifies that EA is likely to not update their Washington Football Team in Madden 22, which means we'll have to wait until the next game, which is likely to be in August -- to see the updated Washington team. Washington took part in the last two seasons in an 18-month long process of collaboration with alumni, fans, local leaders, and players from all over the region -- to help come up with the new name.

The Washington Commander's name and appearance is heavily influenced by the United States military, which has a strong connection with Capital city Washington. The team will be sporting its gold and burgundy color scheme. Three new uniforms were announced featuring these colors: an all-white jersey with sleeves and numbers in burgundy A burgundy all-burgundy set with gold sleeves and gold numbers as well as a black and white set with buy Mut 22 coins gold numbers and stripes of burgundy.