Brady became part of The 99 Club for the 3rd time during Madden NFL 2012--you'll remember it well as the one in which Browns fans were awash in the vote of the fans that will decide who would be Mut 22 coins the cover player and then drafted flash-in-the pan RB Peyton Hillis to "grace" the box art. Brady was joined by Gronk were in the second year in a good mood which led to Brady's first 5,000-yard season, but injured Gronkowski suffered a sprain in the playoffs and the Patriots came up short to The Giants during the Super Bowl for the second time since 2007.

After three wins in the early games after which two losses have occurred in the big game suddenly gave Brady a less impressive 3-2 score at the Super Bowl, but that's something he would work to iron out over time.

A sour loss in the Super Bowl prior still couldn't stop Madden ratings adjustors to expect any "gradual decrease" by Brady. Brady started the season out of the 99 club and led the team to a 12-4 record, which felt like an annual tradition by the end of the year. He also threw only eight interceptions, marking the third consecutive time the number was kept in the single digits. The Pats were a few games shy of another Super Bowl berth, but his story is still being written into his career.

The oddly numbered Madden 25 --which is a celebration of the game's 25th anniversary - could cause confusion over marketing in the next few years for EA but for Brady, it was business as usual. The 2013 season was characterized by another record of 12-4 as well as yet another AFC East title, and another gruelling playoff schedule, where the Pats beat the Colts after being beaten by the Broncos and would go to lose in a stunning fashion against the Seahawks. The Seattle team would soon become the second team in the race for an heirloom status, but was rejected through Brady and the Pats.

At "just" just a 93 overall Brady's worst Madden score in 11 years could soon be on the uptick for the second time. The reason is that in 2014, Brady led his team the Pats in the Super Bowl, and, as usual, gave the fans another adrenaline rush. The Pats had a dazzling win at the goal-line when Malcolm Butler picked off a Russell Wilson pass, denying Seattle the first time in a back-to-back title since the Pats did it in 2003 and 2004. Brady played a decisive fourth quarter rally to cheap Madden nfl 22 coins get the team on the right track for the win, and this was more "great" then "elite" with a 93 percentage, maybe calculated with the expectation of a the gradual decline of this number, will be reversed swiftly.