Lost Ark debuted last month and was a tremendous success. Players will prepare enough Lost Ark Gold for more fun. In fact, European players of the new MMO ARPG experienced long queues before finally entering the game. This led Amazon to create a brand new regional server to ease congestion.

But even with this new “European West” server, Lost Ark still has long queues. Soomin Park, head of Amazon’s gaming franchises, told IGN that Lost Ark’s central European region continues to be overcrowded, resulting in player queues and some instability in the region.

However, it turns out that simply adding more servers doesn’t actually help correct this congestion. Park explained Lost Ark is limited in the number of peak concurrent players that Lost Ark can support in any one universe or region. Therefore, there is no option to add more servers to Central Europe. Each ‘region’ theoretically has unlimited [Amazon Web Services] capacity, but if it tries to expand beyond the maximum capacity of each region, the game may become unstable.

Both Amazon and Smilegate have been overwhelmed by the massive popularity of Lost Ark. Park said the game’s popularity had “shocked and thrilled” for both companies’ development teams since it launched in the West last month. This popularity has made Lost Ark the second most concurrent game ever on Steam, behind PUBG. Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese said he was “impressed” with Lost Ark, adding to its “lovely touch” and depth of combat. Interested players can get more Lost Ark Gold/Items on IGGM.com, which will make things easier for them in the game. They can also get more power leveling services and news on it, come together!