I'm here to introduce the fastest way to place an order on MMOSO, and you can get it for only two dollars for levels 0-10. After all, reaching level 10 on Steam will add a personal information showcase and dozens of friends.

Of course, if you want to pass yourself, it will take some time. In the early stage, it is recommended to complete the community's basic mission badges, and all completed can reach level 6. The task will not be difficult, but it is a bit cumbersome. Go to your friend's profile interface to comment, post screenshots, go to the community to comment, check the game guide, and so on.

But then you need to install the game and collect cards to make game badges. In this way, you can get some cards, but you have to find someone to exchange or buy the missing cards. Ordinary cards are generally worth a few cents. It is recommended to play popular games and unpopular Steam trading cards. Sellers are not willing to sell them for a few cents.

In addition, when choosing a game, choose the Steam trading card tab. On the right side of the search result interface, there is a search by the label. In the narrow column by function. Free games like CS: GO and POE are worth playing.

If you have a game you like to play, and it happens to be a game with a Steam trading card mechanism. Then besides your game, card games like Steam Level Up are very suitable for you. To upgrade to level 10, you only need to upgrade one of the badges 4 to 5 times, and you can upgrade to level 10 by accumulating the XP you obtained by completing community tasks.

But if the game you want to play does not have a badge mechanism or you do not have enough time, it is recommended that you Buy Steam Level Up service to reach level 10. Of course, if you have completed the previous community basic tasks to reach level 5, you can reach level 10 with only one dollar. There is no need to wait for transactions in the market, play games that you don't like, etc.

If your favorite game is a more expensive game like cyberpunk, you only need to spend $100 to get 10,000 Steam points. You can buy a level 10 winter badge directly in the point store, get 1000XP, and you can directly reach level 10.

The above is the method I can think of to upgrade to level 10. I hope you will like it.