Other sports titles like NBA 2K and MLB The Show which require you to take part in every year a different narrative, Madden has somehow taken an unintentional step in telling stories. In the past we used to Madden nfl 22 coins play a few High School games, and afterwards, play a few matches within the NCAA Playoffs, and this was all fun, as we were not guaranteed to be a top pick on the field.

Through some experiences and hardships, athletes would find their way to an NFL team and eventually make it onto the roster. But, within Madden 22 they've seemingly cut all of these hardships with the newest iteration of Face of the Franchise, as the player you've created is one of the most gifted prospects ever since Andrew Luck or Joe Burrow.

With the NCAA recently stating that players are allowed to profit from their image, it would've been cool for us to participate in an entire College season. Our performance will directly impact the draft status of our team as well as how high at the top of the ladder we'd be in an NFL team. At the moment, it feels like the stakes are less than they are, and we're "destined for greatness" regardless of the actual performance.

The ability to control your favourite team, and signing players and taking them to the top is always a hit for sports fans Madden's version of this mode has seen some improvements this year. Employee points, Talent Trees and a rejuvenated outlook on the overall team's chemistry are some of the most notable features this year. And they all provide something to Franchise mode.

The Scouting process has also been overhauled and has been improved on a number of levels and we can now have an enhanced understanding of the upcoming players who will be selected in the draft. More frequent press meetings and locker room discussions throughout the seasons, allowing players to gain a more understanding of the scheme of the league , and cheapest mut 22 coins the way that certain players react to their current status.