Street basketball looks a bit better than the previous year, but above all you feel like you're able to have a bit more control over the actions of your player. In the past, you would be stuck in an animation which had to play before you could continue. This isn't the case in NBA 2K22 MT.

A number of new game modes have been added to MyTeam. For instance, online, you can play MyTeam Draft, where you first must select one or more players aren't in your arsenal. This makes the game different one than before.

The 100 is an awesome addition. There should be no more than 100 points against multiple teams. The person who has the lowest score (and has been the one to defend the best) is the winner. MyTeam is doing all it can to persuade players to buy packs or player contracts after buying the game. Unfortunately there is no improvement at this point.

The career model that lets you create your own character as you go through a storyline is totally new. Alongside an athletic career in basketball, players could create your own fashion-related line and music career. The interactions with other people aren't as funny as in GTA but they're also not really believable.

There are positive aspects to it, but the game can turn into an exercise due to the additions. You have the option of removing the extras, however it may take longer until you sign a contract with Nike or another sponsor. It is desirable to be able to sign that contract, as it means you will get more XP, and you are able to grow faster.

Scanning your head with the app is an extremely bad experience. The majority of the time, the scan doesn't perform, and you require a studio light for it. If you do then, it will appear as if you're suffering from severe skin conditions. Or perhaps that's just on my mind.

The basketball world online has been revamped: Cheap 2K22 MT is out and anybody who likes basketball even only a little can't afford to miss this game. It's bigger than ever. There are improvements that have been made, small niggles remain. The price is 60 euros and you nearly never get as much games as this.