The other element of Nba 2k22 Mt is once again it's opposite: the MyTEAM franchise mode. It's the ambitious stage of NBA collectible cards where you can build your own Dream Team and, in the process, make wildly speculative predictions with the best. players of today and yesterday. Especially when this year the new type of holographic chart has been introduced.

The fundamental idea is the same as previous years: Start with the team that you have chosen, and then construct with luck and patience the greatest team of players ever assembled. Then, we continue to play in predefined challenges offline modes, and all sorts of in online gaming. Each little step is rewarded that we make, transforming our achievements into rewards and encouraging us to play one more game with extremely sweet rewards.

In terms of new features, the most intriguing option is MyTEAM Draft that is very similar to FIFA's FUT Draft and is just as interesting: these are tournaments that qualify players with incredible prizes. Each time we open with a brand new Draft we'll have seven fantastic card packs and from the assortment of them we can choose those 13 cards that we love or most interest us to assemble the definitive team.

As a result, we are now able to enjoy a new and powerful multiplayer feature that allows us to continue to participate and collect the other MyTEAM content. Sometimes, out of sheer need for money, or perhaps out of an intentional promotion of FOMO syndrome, and most all the time, out of pure enjoyment and competitiveness.

The most popular, MyTEAM is the most well-liked method of the current turn that the NBA 2K saga has taken towards a very marked calendar of events and seasons. Especially when options have been introduced to help encourage certain aspects, like collection or competition between players. In addition, the manner in which he is able to make more use of both the NBA's own license and star-system continues to be an absolute delight for cheap 2k22 mt its supporters, one the most impressive claims of this season.