Since the release of New World,many players have created their own characters and established companies within the New World Coins game. These companies consist of up to a hundred players who control territories. However, not all players were genuinely involved in the gameplay, and some company members were even robbed.

Each company is affiliated with a different faction, and players cannot join companies that are not affiliated with their faction. There are many benefits to joining a company, including the ability to set taxes. Players must make sure their company is prepared for war, as other players around may want to plunder control of their territory.

Within the company, there are different levels.At the highest level are the Governors, who are players who start companies. Consuls are the viceroy's deputy, they have most of the powers of the governor, but unlike the governor, consuls cannot withdraw funds from the treasury, nor can they modify the daily treasury withdrawal deposit. The treasury contains all the funds earned by the company, and officials under the consul have the power to kick company members out or invite new players to join the company. The other settlers did not have much authority, although they could deposit their deposits into the treasury.

And certain cunning rulers have been abusing their power, plundering everything in the treasury. Some of the more evil rulers even orchestrated some conspiracies with consuls for their own benefit. The governor will establish a new company and declare war on the previous company. Afterwards, the two Archons work together to send the weakest player into battle for an easy victory. Another manager will conquer his previous company and guide members when creating a new company.

Although this behavior is shameless, it is not difficult to understand why players want to loot the company. Because of the deflationary problem of New World's economy, the game does not provide enough opportunities for players to accumulate wealth. This makes it more difficult to make money, so this unreasonable way becomes a way for some players to increase their wealth.

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