I'm officially enthusiastic about a wedding I spotted over on Ruffled this morning! I love a snowy winter wedding regardless of what, and I love, love, love this bride put her bridesmaids in mix-and-match GOLD SEQUINS!

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Tulle Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated

I think this pic (by Lauren Fair Photography) is SO sweet, however, you HAVE to click the right path over to Ruffled to determine more out of this Outdoorsy Glam Pennsylvania Wedding. (Including the faux-fur wraps and boots the bridesmaids wore to frolic within the snow!) I mean, let's consider this for a second: Your bridesmaids would be the girls you like BEST within the world, and they have probably busted their asses to make your wedding successful, kind you make them spend the wedding day within the dull, muted wedding dresses? I know beige champagnes are super-popular for bridesmaids at this time, but washed-out colors often wash out most girls' complexions making them blend in to the scenery. What fun is the fact that? As a bridesmaid who's worn a beige taffeta, I can tell you: a real drag at all. I also appreciate that every bridesmaid reached pick her dress (I assume), so there is a mix of lengths and coverage to guarantee the girls are comfy with what they're wearing.

If I were providing bridal report cards Hmmmm…future post?! , I'd give this bride an A++ for bridesmaid attire.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated/Lace

Are you totally into these mix-and-match gold sequined bridesmiad gowns too?

I'd love to determine rose-gold sequined dusty blue bridesmaid dresses! Such a flattering color!