The mastery season of World of Warcraft will begin this week. The news about the latest release date and TBC release time has shared this good news with everyone.

Blizzard will also Buy WOW TBC Gold launch some new content in WoW Classic on the release date of the Season of Mastery.

The difference between this week’s World of Warcraft TBC update and the new content in the previous new stages is that it will enable players to restart the game in a level playing field, so that both new and old players will start from 1 Start at the level to experience the reset of the complete WOW Classic content.

This is not only an important part of the season of mastery, but also related to the release of WOW Classic. New and old players will restart the game from level 1 in these areas to completely reset the game content of WOW Classic. They will experience WOW Classic again. The beginning of the legend.

And Blizzard plans to release all stages of content at a faster speed, including Battlegrounds, Onyxia, Maraudon, and the PvP Honor System and Molten Core.

This will be provided for everyone during the WOW Classic Season of Mastery Launch, and then the content of the other five stages, and then the release of Naxxramas and the Scourge Invasion will end.

Blizzard will not only publish content faster, but will also confirm that there will be faster upgrades and other content improvements. It is worth noting that these improvements are not available in the original World of Warcraft version.

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