As soon as they are able to be nba 2k21 mt coins more reachable I visit Stadia dying.

Publishers are being greedy and yanking their games out of Geforce Today, either because of a better/exclusivity bargain from Stadia or because they wish to begin their own streaming stage. It is sad but was to be expected.

Google Stadia is throwing money at publishers till they've all their games, and the discussion shifts from'who gets the streaming technology' to'who has All of the games'... Isn't that the point people were angry that google had no matches, so what should they do, its idiotic to have all the energy but have no games I'm just upset that the streaming model that currently seems to be the more popular one is the one that's the worst for customers.

Closed systems may be more dependable but are also guaranteed to come with a high price tag and more restrictions/ less freedom for the customer.

However, you are right, Concerning match theory/strategy, Stadia is doing what it needs to in order to mt for sale 2k21 succeed with its business model and publishers are happy because now they get to double dip... I get what you mean, and yeah it could cost more and stuff, if I understood I was gonna receive a games console or a pc, I would be crazy if the match I just wanted to play was not on the geforce now, but I won't so the cost doesn't actually affect me, and not having to use passwords and is simply easier on stadia, thats only me, I believe both are two different markets, and of course publishers will select the one that they could get more cash out of.