Contemporary artist Tom Sachs has recently launched the fanny pack pro, a bag meant to move through life with you. But don't let the fanny pack descriptor fool you-this bag holds a standard letter size clipboard, notebook, tablet, or 13 laptop making it a bag for all of your things and then some.

A cute line composed of five undies styles in both essential colors as well as hues that pack more of a punch, Knickey's certified-organic cotton undies are free of toxic chemicals and cost just 13 a pop. The brand wants to put both sustainability and women's health first. It is bringing awareness to the harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in synthetic fabrics used by manufacturers in the industry. Plus, it's big on recycling, from using postconsumer-waste packaging to accepting old, unwanted underwear that the brand will recycle for you so it doesn't end up in landfills.

To get to Golden Goose Sneakers the bottom of it, I emailed the Balenciaga team, which kindly confirmed that the dress was indeed attached to the gloves. I use an iron to curl my hair for brushed-out waves because I can do it in 15 minutes if my hair is already dry, she explains.

Gomez knows this: Paired with any outfit, they instantly add attitude. I think back to Alexander McQueen's fall 1996 where it was all about butt cleavage and Kate Moss' derriere peeking out from the lowest trousers imaginable, or Tom Ford sending his Gucci hippies down the runway in feather and floral jeans that showed off their hips back in spring 1999.