Although the Pokemon Sword and Shield are generally well-received, many Pokemon fans are not so enthusiastic about the decision to exclude all Pokemon in previous games. But players' enthusiasm to Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto from PKMBuy has always been. The new Pokemon are praised for their design, especially the two new legendary Pokemon, Zacian and Zamazenta. However, many Pokemon Sword and Shield players believe that the Pokemon they get can be improved. 

A Twitter user named Wooden Plank Studios revealed their design for the hypothetical third Legendary Pokemon and its companion game Pokemon Sword and Shield. The cover of the green version named Pokemon Gun is decorated with this "Fakemon", the weapon pattern named Zagurinu of Wooden Plank Studio, as the counterpart of the weapon pattern. 

A Dark/Steel-type Pokemon that is very similar to an armadillo or a porcupine, Zagurinu is shown to have the same weapons as this version of the game. This follows the precedent of the original Pokémon Sword and Shield game, where Zacian holds the Sword and Zamazenta is behind the Shield. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield eventually became one of the best-selling works inside the Pokemon series, this is mainly due to its huge open world and new gameplay improvements. Since its release, Game Freak has supplemented the original product with two DLC packs throughout the game's expansion pass to feature new content.

So far, only two expansion packs, The Isle of Armo and Crown Tundra, have already been released. Many players wish to provide more expansions in the future, because Crown Tundra was published in November 2020. However, up to now, there's no news about any further content about Pokemon Sword and Shield.
However, if the work of Pokemon Sword and Shield has more content, perhaps Game Freak will draw some inspiration from fans such as Wooden Plan Studios. The creativity and enthusiasm surrounding these two games continued nearly two years after the game was released. For more information, you can always pay attention to our website PKMBuy. Questions about buying Cheap 6IV Shiny Ditto will be answered online 24 hours a day.