In the beginning, Feebas and Milotic were among the hardest Pokemon to find in Swords and Shields. Players usually choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon instead of spending a lot of time capturing. Feebas's method of evolution was unique and frustrating. But with the gameplay and mechanical changes in the past few years, Feebas and Milotic are now easier to obtain in Sword and Shield than before. 

Feebas similar to Magikarp is a weak water Pokemon with an impressive evolution. Unlike the extremely common Magikarp, Feebas is hard to find. Most fishing spots only offer a 1% chance of finding Feebas, even in more common places like Ballimere Lake in Crown Tundra, this chance is only 5%. Although it can appear as Dynamax Raid, the chance of encountering it is only 2%. 
Nevertheless, this is an improvement. In Gen III, it was found on Highway 119-but only on six fishing blocks, which are random and change with the popular phrase in Dewford Town. In the fourth generation, it can be found on the four fishing tiles that change daily in Mt. Coronet. Later games made Feebas easier to find, but it is still rare, but for its first two generations, Feebas is not as good as an urban legend. 

Feebas is very similar to Magikarp, once captured. Its data is terrible, it has only learned a few moves-including useless Splash-its abilities is to swim quickly and forgetting, adaptability is a hidden ability. It can use TM and TR or through breeding to learn some useful moves, but it is best to evolve your Feebas as soon as possible.

Once captured, Feebas is very much like Magikarp. Its stats are terrible, and it only learns a handful of moves -- including the useless Splash -- and its Abilities are Swift Swim and Oblivious, with Adaptability as a Hidden Ability. It can learn some useful moves using TMs and TRs or through breeding, but it's best to evolve your Feebas as soon as possible.

To evolve Feebas into Milotic, players must trade a person with a prism scale. After getting a Rotom bike, you can find a hidden person in the water on Highway 2. It can also be found in South Lake Miloch in the wilderness area, where it regenerates. 
In Sword and Shield, Milotic can be found in the wild, which is different from most previous generations. Buying Shiny Pokemon from the third-party platform PKMBuy has always been the first choice of players. Its encounter rate in Dynamax Raid dens is 2%. It can also be found in the foggy weather in the Lake of Outrage and South Lake Miloch and the bed of giants in Crown Tundra DLC. One is spawned every day, which means it's easier than ever to get Milotic, whether it's through evolutionary Feebas or just catching one.