In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Scorbunny is cute, a happily hopping Fire-type rabbit, and one of the three monsters available at the beginning of the game. Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto from the PKMBuy website is many players' first choice. But unlike most beginners, Scorbunny officially has four different forms, including its initial state, one of which is not easy to achieve. Below I will introduce you in detail how to obtain all the Pokemon in the Scorbunny family, including the elusive Gigantamax mode in its final form. 

The easiest way to get Scorbunny is to choose it as the starter at the start of a new game. However, you can still earn Scorbunny by trading with other players later. Scorbunny is cute, but it is not the strongest monster in the game. It is best to evolve Pokemon as soon as possible, as with beginners, usually at level 16. 

Compared with Scorbunny, Raboot has a significant statistical improvement, and in the long run, it can learn more attacks. Like the first form, it mainly excels in physical attack and speed, which is undoubtedly due to its powerful kick. Its lowest attribute is its special defense, making it particularly vulnerable to non-physical and elemental movement attacks. 

As a Fire-type, it's also weak against Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon. However, assuming Fire-type moves are used, it is very suitable for fighting Bug, Ice, Steel, and Grass-types.

Cinderace will be the final form of the Scorbuny family, and Raboot can first reach this form after reaching level 35. This is slightly lower than some third initial evolutions, in which Pokemon must be level 36 or higher. Although its appearance may imply the dual type of fire/fighting, it is still only a pure Fire-type Pokemon.

This is (almost) the strongest form of Pokemon, so players should train it to reach this form as soon as possible. Maintaining the previous form as the main Pokemon in the battle will greatly help achieve this goal because Scorbunny/Raboot will be the main members to get EXP after the battle. 

Gigantamax Cinderace
Just like its generation of starters and some other players in previous games, Cinderace also has a huge new Gigantamax form. If you don't have much time to catch one, you can spend a little money to Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon. This mode was initially not available in Sword and Shield, but the new update makes the Fire Fire-type Beginner even more powerful. You must start the dojo master trial and enter the Isle of Armor to obtain this form. 

After completing a task of Master Mustard and collecting several largest mushrooms, Master Mustard will teach the player how to make the largest soup. Drinking this soup, any Pokemon with Gigantamax potential can reach Gigantamax form.