After the release of  Sword and Shield, Sonia left a deep impression on Pokemon fans. As a unique character in the Pokemon series, Sonia is introduced as Professor Magnolia's assistant in Sword and Shield. When you want Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon, you can choose the PKMBuy website. However, she eventually played a more active role in the game's story, spending time studying the darkest day and the legendary Pokemon in the area, which eventually became the climax of the plot. Let me introduce you to some things about her. 

1. She is not named after having a tree
This is obvious to some people, but it is strange to the franchise.  As we all know, in the primary series of Pokemon, each professor is named after the kind of tree. Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, Kukui, and Magnolia.

Although Sonia was not a professor at the beginning of the game-therefore, forgiven from this tradition-she did become a professor at the end of the story. In addition, she can be said to perform the traditional role of a professor better than Magnolia, which makes her name a strange decision 

2. She gives players their Pokedex
Providing players with their first Pokemon is usually a tradition of Pokemon professors in the area. However, this is not always the case. For example, in Sun & Moon, these are provided by Kahuna Island Hala, during in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the Starter Pokemon will actively rescue players from Yungoos.

However, a tradition that has always been followed is that professors give players their Pokedex. The Pokedex is seen as a research tool, so it is natural for the professor to want to fill it. However, in Sword and Shield, Magnolia did not give it to the player but gave the honor to Sonia. 

3. Nessa is her best friend
This is a detail that is often obscured or just mentioned by the way, but it remains consistent in all forms of media. But so far it’s not clear how the two of them met or became good friends, but their close relationship has been mentioned many times in games, manga & Twilight Wings web series.

Although this has never been confirmed, Nessa and Sonia may be the same age and may have met during the gym challenge. Either way, when Sonya feels stressed, the Water-type Gym Leader always relies on her.
4. She Is Leon's Childhood Friend
The player's first meeting with Sonia in the game is brief. However, there is a surprising amount of detail surrounding her character dropped in this pool of dialogue, which many players may have skipped through to get to the action.

The first is that she was once a close friend of Leon's. It's clear from how they interact that they know each other well, and their bond is said to go back to their childhood days. You can Buy 6IV Shiny Pokemon with your friends at a lower price. This makes sense as they lived more or less just down the road from each other and started with the same ambitions in life.