The best version with the Pokemon story is usually told in the manga adaptations. The website is a safe place to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Although the quality of the game's story remains inconsistent at best, along with the animation has stayed relatively dull within the last few two decades, numerous Pokémon comics haven't ever been afraid to accept the franchise to strange and wild places. 

Although the franchise's latest entry to the comics world, Pokémon Sword and Shield Volume 1, might not be the most outrageous on the series, still it manages to generate a new attempt for the familiar world.

The first volume of Pokemon Sword and Shield by writer Hidenori Kusaka and illustrator Satoshi Yamamoto took place in the English-style Galer area, following three young trainers. Marvin is a young boy who has just moved to the area and is eager to start his Pokémon journey. Henry Sword is a trainer specializing in Pokémon using weapons, and Casey Shield is a training to understand hackers and gadgets division. 

Together with Professor Magnolia and their Pokemon partners, the group embarked on a cross-country journey through Galer to complete the Pokemon gym challenge in the area and participate in the Pokémon League competition. This premise may seem like barebones that a Pokemon plot can achieve, and it is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an adventure worth reading. 

Although most of the contents of  Sword and Shield Volume 1 are conversant, you will still find some surprises. Henry's adoration for Pokemon equipment is often a new concept it doesn't appear in any game. Nevertheless, it appears like a completely natural addition. Many Pokemon will have accessories that need regular repairs, including weapons or decorations. This is usually a small detail, but it's meaningful to the knight theme of Sword and Shield.

The creators of the comics Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto are veterans of Pokemon comics, this also is clear on every panel. These are two creators that have a deep understanding of the source material and exactly how it works.

The individual that needs special praise is Yamamoto, who seems to make Pokemon cool and cute in an immediately striking way. To enjoy the game better, many players like to Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. Just like the game it is based on, nothing in Pokemon Sword & Shield Vol 1 will reinvent the wheel, but fans hunting for a familiar and cozy comic journey will discover a pleasant time.