Just because many games will choose to be released on Steam, the number of users who use them is also increasing. The market share they occupy is also very large, so they have been investigated for anti-monopoly. Valve also accused Wolfire of not providing any facts to support its assertion that Steam’s 30% reduction in-game sales base was higher than that available in a more “competitive” market. Instead, Valve said, "The plaintiff can only draw a generalization, that is, economics predicts that Valve's 30% commission should decrease over time."

So how big is Steam? The Wolfire lawsuit alleges that Steam's alleged 75% market share in PC games (seems to come from the 2013 IHS Screen Digest estimate quoted here) means that most PC game publishers have no choice but to sell them their game. But Valve stated that the lawsuit “lack any factual allegations” to support the figure.

Valve continues to argue that in a market that includes "game storage, social networks,' achievement systems', and game modification communities" in addition to basic sales and revenue, even first measuring Steam's market share is not "intuitive" distribute.

The fact that Steam’s 30% fee is higher than that of competitors such as the Epic Games Store reflects “the market is said to think that Steam is better...this is consistent with Valve’s ability to demand higher prices fairly,” Valve said. To support this, Valve quoted lines from Wolfire’s own lawsuit, describing the strong consumer reaction when Borderlands 3 was unavailable on Steam. In fact, many gamers like to use Steam for a long time. They will care about Steam Level and go back to find Steam Level Boost.

The Steam platform is not just a middleman but provides real value for gamers and developers. In fact, it is said that gamers value Steam so much that Epic specializes in providing popular games on its Epic Games Store platform.'Aroused strong opposition' and boycott gamers are forced to wait to support the Steam version or use the PC desktop They don't like gaming platforms.

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