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  • God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])
    As soon as Zhu Jianshi stepped, his face suddenly sank: "Qin Feng!" Chapter 195 defeat the sea of knowledge. Qin Feng and Zhu Jianshi, the vice presidents of the Imperial City Control Division Association, knew each other naturally, but they never thought that even Qin Feng had rushed to the palace today, and it was obvious that he had come with Jin and stood on the side of Lin Tian. "What on...
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  • Goodbye Star (Nvzun)
    Even if the Demon Princess has become the noble Queen of the Empire of Julie, she can't stand the evil intentions of her future son-in-law. "I have come specially to let my grandmother know that her majesty has come to Bujoya and is on her way to that bedroom of Mr. Minglai Xiuda." Chapter 429 the love of the hypnotist (4). Early in the morning, Xiuda was really not on guard. Ming Dang, who had...
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  • Dream around Linlan
    Wu Shilin deeply felt that at this time, she was really suitable for a beautiful and sad look of 45 degrees ^ _ ^ Holding the secret order in his hand, Wu Shilin went to Wu Shilang's room. Two people's accounts before the security order has expired, and now the theft of the number is so rampant, it is better to use the security binding quickly. However, when Wu Shi entered Wu Shilang's room, he...
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  • Childhood
    Grandma sighed and said: "Yes, he is the son of God." Every word, every thing, every expression, every movement of people attracted me deeply, and a sweet feeling of sadness filled my heart. Joy and sorrow are always interdependent, and they are inextricably intertwined. Uncle Yakov was probably not particularly drunk. He tore his shirt and pulled his hair and light Hu Shun: "What kind of day...
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  • Gorilla killings
    Hamilton Berg called a photographer to testify, and he produced a photograph of the body lying on a bed, from which blood from a neck wound could be seen spattering the walls and carpet. There is also a close-up of Mr. Edikos's face, where the gorilla's scratches on his face can be seen. Ask questions. Hamilton Berg said. "I noticed that there were two kinds of mugshots of the dead," Mason...
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  • Emperor Kangxi February River
    For the convenience of Sumalagu's relaxation, Kangxi followed Gao Shiqi's "doctor's advice" and built a villa for her in Changchun Garden. Gao Shiqi immediately ordered a palanquin to pay his respects to Sumalagu. The villa is located at the foot of Niushou Peak in the garden. Gao Shiqi checked his license and entered the Forbidden Garden. He came along, but he saw that the foot of the peak was...
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  • Sick pet addiction
    Only then did Lu Qianyang discover that Ruan Jiangxi was extremely clever, but her family's clever artist actually got into the car of a certain rich man! Lu Qianyang had a headache: "I just heard those women say that Jiangxi seduced Song Dashao. Jiangxi doesn't really want to play with hidden rules, does it?" Wei Daqing scratched his head: "Are there few people who think about hidden rules in...
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  • Maniac
    Hong'er, you did a good job a few days ago. You constantly weakened the power of the old courtiers, and then removed the position of Lang Yuefeng. That's a good way. Although Yueqing Heming knows that you are dealing with him, there is no excuse. You have to take this opportunity to continue to attack his power, and Ai Jia and he carefully deal with, hey, slowly, his wings will disappear, at...
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  • Lonely Riding-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise
    Fortunately, the day spinning time is not long, suddenly, static, the eyes shine bright, Ai girl hurriedly left Li Yanhao's embrace, blushed a charming dimple, just did not dare to look at Li Yanhao. Fortunately, no one noticed the embarrassing scene. How could you not notice? Because everyone's attention. They were all attracted by the scene in front of them. So, what kind of scene is in front...
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  • Zhiyuan
    "I don't know.." Ouch! I'm happy.. Because this little man is biting my waist! "I'm satisfied that you like me, Xiao Di!" He stopped and looked at me deeply. "I didn't think you would really agree to marry me!" " "Promising!" I was angry and funny, and a little sad. Oh, let me like you for nothing? At least let me be Mrs. Fang or something? Your grandfather said he would arrange the wedding day...
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